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kurekarla askedam v gay for this girl nd gonna b asking her out v soon i wanna make it one piece themed bc we both love it but i can”t brain

oh wow, that is frigging adorable! 😄

I have no idea how to inspire you, though… One Piece is rather unromantic after all. Well, maybe not exactly unromantic but it’s much more about platonic/familial love than about romantic love.

Maybe you could ask a fanartist to draw some cute NamiVivi fanart and then use that to ask her if she wants to be the Vivi to your Nami (or vice versa)? Or maybe you could just use some panels of the strawhats all together on a card and then write inside it smth like “do you want to be more than nakamas?” Oh man, I am so sorry if this is too corny but this is the extent of my ideas xD

Maybe my followers can inspire you ~🙏🏼

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Dec 22nd, 09:50PM

I’m sure everyone already knows that ms and jmb shut down – so for my own reference and for anyone who may not know where else to read One Piece; MangaPlus it is ^-^

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Dec 22nd, 08:50PM

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original by (め) | twitter, pixiv

※posted with permission※please don’t remove the source

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Nov 30th, 07:08PM
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hello, sorry for not posting anything, keeping more then one art platform overwhelms me sometimes;;anyway zolu sketchdump

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Nov 23rd, 02:53AM


Hello everyone. Nope, you’re not imagining things. After about 50 years, I kept my word and I am posting again on this blog again. So here you go, a pic of Zolu reuniting in Wano!

And I have an announcement to make. I am going to be continuing this blog again temporarily! I don’t know if any of the people who followed this blog and sent all those lovely messages are still on since its been such a long time and you probably lost all hope for this blog and forgotten it haha. There’s been a lot of other wonderful Zolu related ask blogs created on here after my disappearance too making great content. As I said, it will probably only be for a while I’m not back permanently. But if you would like to send me some questions, go ahead and send some right now! And if you asked me questions in the past that went unanswered, I’m not going to be answering those sorry, since I don’t know if those people are still here on anymore.Zoro and Luffy, would you like to say something?

Z: Oh, we’re doing this again? You took your damn time. Did you get lost or something?L: Yeah what’s up with that… I’m gonna be the Pirate King soon…Z:Wouldn’t be surprised if no one asks us anything now. They probably don’t trust you anymore and think you’re gonna disappear again.

OOC:… ok guys I get it I’m sorry… -_-;; I promise I’m going to be posting answers again, even if only for a short time. Just be sure to send in questions! (and try to make sure they’re ones not already answered thanks ^^)

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