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I personally like the idea that each of the trio will be super overpowered with their respective haki. Luffy will be strong with conquerors, Zoro with armament, and Sanji with observation.

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If they all have all three forms it wouldn't bother me. I just want them to each have more significance in their own specialties.

and Sanji with observation.

Sanji has a large jump to make to catch up with Luffy at this point as Luffy was matching Katakuri's CoO during the fight. Although Sanji's CoO was already beast before/during WCI.

I do like that idea, but I think there are some problems with it.

Rayleigh made a point to say that most people focus on one type, but taught all the forms for luffy. I think this is showing that he will be very even with his haki usage.

Other than luffy, I actually think Usopp will have super strong observational haki since it would be really good for a sniper. (see Dressrosa sniper scene)

Sanji has not shown ANY signs of specializing in observation haki.

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I don't know, so far into the story, it seems like conqueror haki is rather useless against real opponents, to me it just seems kind of pointless, and it just seems like too many people have it.

If any of the strawhats develop Conqueors Haki it will most likely be Usopp

EDIT: This is a fully serious comment

Oda has this ongoing trope of Usopp's lies coming true eventually, one way or another. He boasted having Conqueror's Haki earlier on, so I definitely see it happening!

This is one of those comments that you upvote ironically at first but slowly realize it’s probably the most viable motion.

I feel that ussop’ s conquerors haki is going to be his big power up. (Like sanji’s suit thing, and Nani’s Zeus)

That would definitely satisfy his dream of being a brave warrior of the sea, but might a little much. People are born with CoC, so their personalities become a conquer type.

Usopp never was the conquer type, not that headstrong (compared to other CoC users), and not even much of a natural leader.

But muh Wano ancestry and whatnot. I just want Zoro to forever just be who his is with his current backstory. I don't feel a need for more.

CoC has nothing to do with being a “chosen one”. It just means you were born with the potential for it, the potential to stand above others.

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