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Zeus the Thundercloud is a thundercloud homie that Big Mom summons from her left hand.[2] He is a special kind of homie, as he received a soul fragment from Big Mom herself.[6]

During the escape from Totto Land, Zeus was captured by the Straw Hat Pirates and forced to become Nami”s servant.[7] He lived inside her Clima-Tact until he was reclaimed by Big Mom in Wano Country.[3][8]

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Zeus is a cloud who normally appears large and light-colored. When he causes a storm, he turns dark.[2] He also wears a striped red and blue (red and white in the anime) baseball cap with a yellow brim on his head.[1] He usually has a carefree, sleepy expression, but can take on a more sinister appearance.[9]

When he was initially described by Pound, he lacked the baseball cap and most of his facial features.[2]

After being sliced in half by Brook and then drained of electricity by Nami, Zeus”s size was greatly reduced, enough to be held in one hand, and his face was enough to cover much of his body.[10]

During the raid on Onigashima, Zeus wears a kabuto helmet when he appears alongside the other Straw Hats.[11]


Zeus” concept art from the anime.
Zeus” attack mode.
Zeus” sinister appearance.
Zeus greatly reduced in size.
Zeus wearing a helmet during the Wano Country Arc.
Zeus” color scheme in the manga.
Zeus with Big Mom and Prometheus in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4.


Zeus is very loyal to Big Mom and will come to her when she summons him. Zeus seems to care about the safety of the citizens in Totto Land and hates to see them be tormented during Big Mom”s rampages, but unlike his fellow homies, Zeus knows it is futile to try and reason with Big Mom when she is on one of her rampages.[2]

However, while generally loyal to Big Mom, Zeus shares her extreme gluttony and particularly enjoys eating thunderclouds. Zeus was willing to disobey direct orders from Big Mom as long as Nami kept feeding him thunderclouds. However, he is capable of reason and learning from his mistakes, as he became very angry when Nami tried feeding him again, though his anger made him open to attack.[7]

He is also extremely carefree, as after he became Nami”s servant, he readily accepted it and found it comfortable to be stored inside her Clima-Tact.



Charlotte Linlin

Being a special homie, Zeus is loyal to Big Mom and the Big Mom Pirates.[2] While Big Mom experiencing one of her food cravings, Zeus was shown caring for her well-being as well for Sweet City.[12] Zeus was also shown to be vengeful towards those who upsets Big Mom.[9] According to Charlotte Perospero, Zeus is responsible for carrying Big Mom overseas.[13] Like most individuals, Zeus was shown to be afraid of Big Mom”s rage.[14] When Big Mom and her children arrive at Wano Country, Big Mom openly stated her intentions to take Zeus back. Linlin ultimately succeeds, threatening Zeus with death if he goes easy on Nami.

Prometheus and Napoleon

Zeus” fellow special homies seem to get along together and fight well in sync with each other.[9][15] However, when he was distracted and then used by Nami, Prometheus was shown to treat Zeus harshly.[16]


Straw Hat Pirates

Because they interfered with Big Mom”s interests, Zeus was an enemy of the Sanji Retrieval Team. After Luffy defeated Charlotte Cracker, Zeus joined the assembled army to avenge him.[9] When Brook tried to steal a copy of Big Mom”s Poneglyphs, Zeus fought alongside Big Mom and the rest of her special homies and attacked him.[15] As the team was pursued by the Big Mom Pirates after they escaped Whole Cake Island, Nami and Brook used Zeus against Big Mom by forcing him to discharge all his power. When Zeus was greatly weakened, Brook captured him and Nami coerced him into becoming her servant.[7]

After the Straw Hats escaped from Totto Land and Nami revealed that she keeps Zeus in her Clima-Tact, it was shown that Zeus apparently did not mind working for Nami.[3] However, when Big Mom was later able to use her power to regain control of Zeus, Nami stated that their friendship was over.[17]

Abilities and Powers

Zeus is far more powerful than normal homies, being made from a fragment of Big Mom”s very own soul. This gives the cloud a will strong enough to resist the soul projection of the Yomi Yomi no Mi”s user.[6] However, he can still be harmed by the user”s attacks, as shown when Brook unleashed a powerful attack that sliced him in half, though Zeus was able to survive due to his composition.[7]

As a cloud, Zeus can fly, produce both normal and “sweetened rain” (水あめ , Mizuame ? ) [9], and attack with powerful bolts of lightning[18] strong enough to defeat Vinsmoke Judge in one hit.[19] Like Prometheus, he has a strong immunity to physical attacks due to being an intangible cloud. Even attacks imbued with Busoshoku Haki have no effect on him. However, it has been shown that weather-based attacks of a similar or opposing attribute work well against Zeus due to his composition as a cloud. When combining powers with Prometheus, they can create incredibly vast and destructive thunderstorms.[2][9] However, unleashing massive discharges will weaken Zeus significantly, decreasing his size and preventing him from unleashing more attacks for a bit of time. Zeus” discharges can also be involuntary if someone unleashes storm energy that combines with him, rendering him liable to attack the wrong areas, and even his master Big Mom.[7]


Big Mom flying on Zeus.

Đang xem: Zeus one piece

He can also expand and serve as a seat for Big Mom, being made of more dense and tangible material similar to Sea Clouds.[6] Zeus can also carry objects and people while flying, as seen when he transported Pudding and Sanji to the wedding venue[20] and when he carried Big Mom to chase the Straw Hats. Zeus can fly at incredible speeds, enough to catch up to the Straw Hats, who had a significant headstart, while carrying Big Mom.[21]


Charlotte Linlin Raitei (雷霆 , Raitei ? , literally meaning “Thunderbolt”) : Big Mom summons Zeus around her left hand and then slams him down on her opponent, striking them with a massive bolt of lightning. It was first used against Vinsmoke Judge, and was powerful enough to knock him out.[19] Indra (威鼓(インドラ) , Indora ? , literally meaning “Mighty Drum”) : Big Mom uses Zeus to shoot a powerful bolt of lightning at a distant target. It was first used against Killer.[22] Indra is the deity of the heavens, lightning, thunder and storms in Hinduism.


Tenman Daijizai Tenjin

Tenman Daijizai Tenjin (天満大自在天神 , Tenman Daijizai Tenjin ? , Full Heaven Great Freedom Heavenly God) : A stronger version of Indra. Big Mom commands Zeus”s lightning to strike through the clouds in all directions. The lightning itself is alive and can change direction to strike a target who is trying to take cover. It was first used against the Worst Generation members on the roof of Onigashima.[22] “Tenman Daijizai Tenjin” or simply Tenjin is a god of thunder in the Shinto religion. In the Viz translation, this is called God of Lightning Tenjin. Nami Zeus Breeze Tempo (ゼウスブリーズテンポ , Zeusu Burīzu Tenpo ? ) : An unwitting attack forced by Nami. Nami feeds Zeus several Black Balls and a Weather Egg with a thunder cloud inside, causing him to grow to a massive size, before maneuvering her Clima-Tact to manipulate them from within Zeus (even against his will), to strike her target with a large lightning attack comprised of both her own and Zeus”s full abilities. The force of the thunderbolt was enough to cause Charlotte Perospero to believe that Big Mom had annihilated the Straw Hats with it.[23]


Ninpo: Raitei.

Ninpo: Raitei (忍法雷霆 , Ninpō Raitei ? , Meaning “Ninja Art: Thunderbolt”) : After summoning Zeus and feeding him a Weather Egg, Nami swings her Clima-Tact downward with Zeus following the movement and striking her target and surrounding area with a massive electric discharge. It was first used against Kurozumi Orochi. It is called Ninpo: Lightning Blast in the Viz translation.[24]




Zeus and Prometheus aiding a young Linlin in her pirating activities.

Zeus was created by a young Charlotte Linlin, and along with Prometheus, became one of her main weapons as she began her pirating career several decades ago. One such activity was the three of them raiding a kingdom for sweets.[25]

When Urouge invaded Totto Land and defeated Snack, Big Mom had Zeus and Prometheus create a large thunderstorm to assist Cracker as he pursued and drove off Urouge.[2]

Four Emperors Saga

Whole Cake Island Arc

Zeus danced with Big Mom alongside the other homies as she asked for a status report on the preparations for Sanji and Charlotte Pudding”s wedding.[1] During Big Mom”s rampage in Sweet City, Zeus told Prometheus that it was useless trying to talk to her during her tantrums, as she would not hear them.[12]


Zeus and Prometheus create a storm.

When Monkey D. Luffy invaded Whole Cake Island and defeated Cracker, Zeus and Prometheus created a large storm of sweet rain as Big Mom”s army attacked Luffy.[9]

Zeus later returned to the Whole Cake Chateau, where he carried a Den Den Mushi on his back for Big Mom to speak through.[26] After Luffy challenged Big Mom during the call, Zeus asked her if she would get mad, but she replied that it was of no importance as she was too happy. However, when Big Mom got angry upon hearing that someone had broken into the Room of Treasure, Zeus became fearful.[14]


Big Mom battles Brook with Zeus and Prometheus.

Big Mom broke into the Room of Treasure and summoned Zeus and Prometheus to help her battle Brook, whom they easily overwhelmed.[15] After Brook was defeated, Big Mom sat on Zeus as she caressed the Straw Hat.[6] Later on, Zeus accompanied Big Mom and Pudding inside the Queen”s Chamber, and the latter sat on the cloud while conversing with her mother about the upcoming wedding.[27]

Big Mom and her homies then went to bed, but as she slept, she spotted and swatted at a fly. Thinking there was an intruder in the room, Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon woke up and attacked the spot where Big Mom had swatted the fly before going back to sleep. Later, Zeus spotted Carrot approaching Big Mom and attacked her, thinking she was the fly.[18]

On the morning of the wedding day, Big Mom was crying in grief when the skeleton she was carrying was not moving (not knowing that Brook was replaced). Zeus and Prometheus cheered her up by reminding her of the wedding.[28] They later accompanied her to the wedding venue as the Tea Party began.[29] Zeus and Prometheus celebrated during the tea party, and when the time came for a wedding ceremony to begin, Zeus transported Sanji and Pudding to the venue on a giant teacup.[30]

When Luffy broke into the wedding venue, Big Mom summoned Zeus and Prometheus to her side in order to attack him. However, Charlotte Katakuri intercepted Luffy first.[31]


Zeus strikes down Judge.

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Later as the Vinsmoke Family battled against the Big Mom Pirates in order to provide an opening for Luffy and Bege”s groups to escape, Zeus was going to be used to finish off Reiju after Prometheus failed to kill her. However, Luffy”s Gear Third and Sanji”s Diable Jamble countered Zeus at the last second.[32] Vinsmoke Judge then stepped in to fight Big Mom, and she had Zeus use Thunder Bolt to strike down Germa”s king.[19] However, the Tamatebako fell to the foot of the Chateau and exploded, causing the building to topple over. Big Mom fell off the venue, and Zeus cushioned her before she hit the ground.[33]


Nami uses Zeus” power against Big Mom.

After a craving Big Mom was told by Perospero that the Straw Hats had her desired wedding cake, she summoned Zeus, who quickly flew her to the Straw Hats” location.[21] After Big Mom launched her first attack on the Straw Hats, Nami released several thunderclouds in Zeus” direction, which caused him to veer off-course to eat them while dropping Big Mom to the ground. Zeus then caught up with the fleeing Kingbaum and asked Nami for more thunderclouds. Nami offered to feed him more if Zeus became her servant in return. This made Zeus start wondering if he should abandon Big Mom. When Big Mom ordered the tree homies of the Seducing Woods to stop the Straw Hats, Zeus noted on how angry Big Mom was.[34] Despite Big Mom”s orders, Zeus continued to be coaxed on by Nami. However, he unwittingly ate her entire Weather Egg, causing him to balloon in size and cover the sky as he became stormy. Nami then used Zeus to strike Big Mom with a massive thunderbolt.[23]

After Zeus returned to his normal size, Prometheus berated the cloud homie for his actions. Zeus apologized, saying he could not help it before commenting that he still thought Nami”s clouds were delicious.[16] After Big Mom left Whole Cake Island to continue pursuing the Straw Hats, Zeus was at the western coast, wondering why nobody was there.[35]


Zeus is bisected by Brook.

Later on, Zeus and Prometheus traveled over Totto Land”s sea to reunite with Big Mom. They eventually returned to her and they went to attack the Thousand Sunny.[36] As they attacked, Jinbe managed to knock Big Mom off the Sunny, but Zeus caught her. They headed back to the Sunny, and Zeus was presented with more thunderclouds by Nami. However, Zeus resisted the temptation and attacked her, but his attack hit Brook, who was immune to electricity. The skeleton sliced Zeus in half and Nami sent her thunderclouds in between Zeus” halves, causing him to discharge a massive amount of electricity that engulfed Big Mom. Zeus was greatly weakened and briefly knocked out, enabling Brook to bring him back to the Sunny. Nami then threatened Zeus, stating that she would kill him if he did not serve her.[7]

Levely Arc

After the Straw Hats escaped from Totto Land, Zeus appeared out of Nami”s Clima-Tact. When Sanji told the cloud homie that he was Nami”s servant first, Zeus reminded Sanji that he lives inside the Clima-Tact.[3]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

One Piece: Stampede

He is summoned by Nami during the battle of the pirates in the Pirates Festival against the Marines, electrocuting some Marines and pirates.[37]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

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Wano Country Arc

In Orochi Castle in Wano Country, Nami and Shinobu broke into the banquet hall, and Nami had Zeus come out of her Clima-Tact. With Zeus charged with storm energy, Nami brought him down onto Wano”s shogun Kurozumi Orochi, unleashing a massive thunderbolt.[24]


Big Mom regains Zeus.

On the day of the Fire Festival, Zeus joined the Straw Hats on the Thousand Sunny as they entered the battle with the Beasts Pirates.[11] When he was near Prometheus at Onigashima, it caused Nami”s staff to react.[38] As Prometheus called Big Mom, Zeus fled with Nami and her group.[39] However, Big Mom was able to recapture Zeus and subdue Nami and Carrot.[40] After being brought to the Live Stage and later during the raid, Big Mom used her power over him to regain control and threatened to eliminate Zeus if he went too soft on Nami. Just as an angry Nami declared her friendship with Zeus over, Brook arrived and once again sliced Zeus in two with his sword.[8]

Big Mom was later driven out of the castle by Jinbe and Robin, and she then clashed with Marco. When Carrot and Wanda arrived, Big Mom used Zeus to retreat from the area.[41] When Big Mom joined Kaido on the roof, Zeus and Prometheus were recharged.[42] During the confrontation against Luffy, Eustass Kid, Killer, Trafalgar Law, and Roronoa Zoro, Zeus carried Big Mom.[43]

Major Battles

Zeus, Prometheus, and Charlotte Cracker vs. Urouge (unseen) Big Mom Pirates vs. Monkey D. Luffy, Nami, and Kingbaum Zeus, Prometheus, and Big Mom vs. Brook Zeus and Big Mom vs. Luffy and Sanji Zeus and Big Mom vs. Vinsmoke Judge Zeus and Nami vs. Big Mom Pirates Zeus, Prometheus, Napoleon, and Big Mom vs. Jinbe, Nami, Tony Tony Chopper, and Brook Zeus vs. Nami and Brook Zeus, Nami, Brook, Nico Robin, and Shinobu vs. Kurozumi Orochi and Orochi Oniwabanshu Zeus, Prometheus, Napoleon, Big Mom, and Kaido vs. Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kid, and Killer

Early One Piece

In one of his early design concepts, Zeus was known as the North Wind (北風 , Kitakaze ? ) , rather than “Thundercloud”.[4] This could mean that Zeus and Prometheus were at some point intended to reference one of Aesop”s fables, The North Wind and the Sun.


Zeus” name comes from the thunder god of ancient Greek mythology. Zeus shares the same voice actor as his fellow special homies Prometheus and Napoleon. Zeus” ability to carry Big Mom and fly is similar to Sun Wukong”s cloud from Journey to the West. Zeus” favorite food is the thunderclouds made by Nami.[4]


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