Webgame Offline – 10 Awesome Free Chrome Games To Play Offline

If you take your Chromebook on your commute, pass the time with enjoyable games you can play offline. These free and fun Chrome game options will keep you entertained, challenged, and coming back for more.

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If you take your Chromebook on your commute, whether on a train, bus, or as a passenger in a carpool, you can pass the time with enjoyable games you can play offline. These free and fun Chrome game options will keep you entertained and coming back for more. Best of all, you don”t need internet access to play them.

Action and Arcade Games

1. Tank Riders

Prepare for battle in Tank Riders, a 3D action game. You must attack the incoming enemies before they take you out. You will guide your tank through walls and make shots ricochet to blast away your foes. With three game modes for Campaign, Multiplayer, and Invasion, play your way through the levels for a victory.

Tank Riders Offline Chrome
While the game does work with a joystick if you are at home, for portability you can use your keyboard. Move your tank using the arrow keys or W, A, S, D letters. Aim with J and L, and fire with the Space key. Defend, defeat, and dominate in Tank Riders.

2. Funky Karts

Get ready to dodge dangerous objects, maneuver around sharp obstacles, and collect valuable coins in Funky Karts. With 48 challenging levels, you will race to rescue your pals in a bouncy, wacky adventure. Finish the levels to unlock additional worlds, each with a silly set of obstacles.

You will jump, flip, and bounce your kart with the Arrow keys. While it takes a bit to get used to the controls, once you do you will enjoy the crazy ride to the finish.

3. Basket & Ball

For a unique basketball game experience check out Basket & Ball. With a simple goal of guiding your ball to the basket, the challenge comes in with the many puzzles you must solve and dangerous obstacles in the way. Watch out for fire, bounce around spikes, and use trampolines to get to your goal.

Use the Arrows to guide your basketball and the Space key to bounce. If you press the Space key rapidly, you will create a power jump which is necessary to overcome some obstacles. Basket & Ball is definitely challenging, but also a lot of fun.

Board and Card Games

4. Mancala

For those who enjoy classic games, Mancala is a great one to check out for Chrome. You can play a single player or multiplayer game and if you have not played in a while, there is a brief tutorial to get you started.

Mancala Offline Chrome
For the single player game, you can choose to compete against a bot with three difficulty levels. Then when gameplay begins, just select the hole you want to begin with and the stones will pop into the appropriate holes automatically. So, if you like the basic game of Mancala without its variations, this is the one for you.

5. Solitaire

When all else fails, you cannot go wrong with a game of Solitaire from www.solitairesuite.com. This version for Chrome offers nine different types for you to choose from including Klondike, Pyramid, Free Cell, and Spider.

Solitaire Offline Chrome

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You can drag the cards to the spots you want or simply click on one and it will automatically move to the most obvious location for you. The game comes with hints and an undo feature. Challenge yourself by getting the highest score in the least amount of time. If you love Solitaire, then you will enjoy this version.

Puzzle Games

6. Cut the Rope

While the game has been around for years, the award-winning Cut the Rope is still a fun and amusing physics puzzler. Your goal, if you are new to the game, is to feed candy to the cute monster named Om Nom. To do so, you must solve the puzzles to feed him his treat while attempting to collect three stars in each level.

Cut the Rope Offline Chrome
Cut the ropes with either drag to cut or click to cut options which you can select from the settings. Watch out for spiky objects, use bubbles to your advantage, and keep Om Nom happy as you move through the various worlds and levels.

7. 2048

The puzzling and challenging 2048 is still a popular brain teaser. Gameplay begins by sliding tiles up, down, left, or right. The numbers on the tiles will merge when they match. For example, when two 4″s combine, it will create 8. The ultimate goal is to continue merging and doubling numbers before running out of space on the board.

Use the Arrow keys on your keyboard to shift the tiles in the desired direction. You will continue to score while you make moves and when the tiles on the board fill up, your game is over. To get your brain pumping while on the way to work, 2048 will do it.

8. Word Search Puzzle Game

For puzzle fanatics, sometimes a simple word game is the way to go. Word Search Puzzle Game offers a variety of themes such as reptiles, astrology, and animals. There are also categories you can pick like algebra, books, or TV shows.

Once you choose a game, you will start with the Quick mode. Finish those puzzles to unlock subsequent modes like easy or hard. Drag through the letters to create the words on the list and find hidden bonus words related to the theme or category. The game also gives you the option for a relaxing tune while you play.

9. Link All

One more enjoyable challenge for puzzle fans is Link All. While the game is easy to learn, it is difficult to master. Your goal is to create path that touches each of the nodes before reaching the goal. Red lines are your obstacles, so you must make your moves around them. And, the tiny nodes must be touched along your path as well.

To make your moves, just select the node you want to move to and your path will begin. You can restart a level if needed and move through eight stages with 20 levels each. If you like games that make you plan ahead and really think, Link All is one to try.

Strategy Games

10. Polycraft

For an interesting game of strategy, survive on a mysterious island in Polycraft. With odd creatures and an even stranger environment, you will build a new life and fend off the enemy in a tower defense scenario.

You can save your game progress by logging in with your Google account or play unsaved and locally if you prefer. Complete the missions to earn rewards, build the structures needed to survive, and move your character around to discover the island secrets.

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What”s Your Favorite Free Offline Chrome Game?

Are you an adventurer, strategist, puzzle-solver, or card shark? If you have a go-to offline Chrome game that is simply amazing, share it with others in the comments below!

If you”re looking for offline games to play on your phone, try these fun mobile games that don”t need data. And if you want to switch from play to work without an internet connection, try these Chrome extensions and apps to work offline.

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