Deku Vs Naruto Rap Battle – Goku Vs Naruto Power Levels

Goku Vs. Naruto – Who Would Win? Goku and Naruto are two incredibly powerful characters, each with an array of strengths and abilities. But who would win if the two fought?

Naruto and Goku.
In all of anime and manga, Goku and Naruto are two of the most well-known characters. The two heroes have long been fan favorites. Goku is an alien powerhouse who has defended the Earth multiple times while Naruto grows as a ninja as his journey progresses. Fans of both characters have long argued over who would win in a fight between the two.

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Both Dragon Ball and Naruto have continued on for years. Fans have loved seeing Goku and Naruto grow from childhood to adulthood, evolving as they progressed on many different adventures. The two of them trained for years to become the best warriors in their respected universes. Both characters have saved the world multiple times, but what would be the outcome if they could somehow fight each other?

As a young child, Naruto was shown to be a poor student. He was the weakest ninja in his class andfailed to learn even the most basic techniques. His inability to produce clone ninja was especially bad.

Naruto would improve his skills over the years. After a lot of studying and training, he would eventually be recognized as the greatest ninja in the village and even became his village”s leader, the Hokage. He often shows his ability to grow during a fight, coming up with a strategy while he fights and adapting to the situation.

Goku has never been the smartest character and he is well documented to be a bad student, even in adulthood. Though he isn”t incredibly intelligent, he is dedicated to his studies of martial arts.

While Goku grows in strength, he doesn”t improve his intellect. When he”s pushed to his limits, he usually goes and trains a little more, so that he typically tries to become more powerful instead of dealing with a strategy. While Goku is powerful, he rarely applies brainpower to a situation.

One of Naruto”s greatest assets is his allies. There are a lot of people who have Naruto”s back in a fight. Shikamaru has a strategy. Sakura has the ability to help heal Naruto. Sasuke has about the same power as Naruto.

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Naruto is incredibly powerful on his own, and his allies only add to his ability. being able to rely on friends is an important theme in Naruto and his friendship with Sasuke is what redeems the character in the end, proving how important friendship is.

Goku also has a lot of allies who have his back. His best friend, Krillin has trained and fought by his side since they were children. While their relationship started off a little rocky, they ultimately build a strong friendship.

People like Bulma, Tien, Piccolo, and Vegeta all fight by Goku”s side. While they each have their own strengths, they don”t seem to add anything to Goku”s abilities as a fighter. The group isn”t as cohesive and tight-knit as Naruto”s friends.

Naruto has a lot of jutsu that he can rely on in a fight. He usually relies on ninjutsu, but he also has incredible taijutsu abilities. From childhood to adulthood, he has greatly improved his skills. As an adult, his abilities could overpower just about anyone who would stand against him.

His massive chakra reserves also serve him well in battle. He can turn all that energy into ninjutsu attacks. His abilities have helped him overcome all the challenges that have been put against him.

6 Goku: Combat

Goku typically relies on hand-to-hand combat in a fight. He wouldn”t be able to rely on jutsu, though he does have the power of ki on his side.

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Goku also possesses the ability to fly, a power unseen in Naruto. In a fight, Goku would utilize ki based attacks while also relying on his martial art skills. Goku has been training to fight since he was a child, and his skill as a fighter have come on a lot of intense training.

The Rasengan is Naruto”s signature attack. The jutsu was developed by the Fourth Hokage and took him three years to develop. He learned this attack from Master Jiraiya. Naruto trained a lot to master the Rasengan, which he only managed to perform the ability when combining it with his shadow clones.

Naruto was a child when he managed to perform his first successful Rasengan. His mastery of this jutsu has grown over the years. Naruto even managed to put his own spin on the jutsu by creating the Rasenshuriken. The Rasengan and Rasenshuriken don”t require hand signs, making them an asset in a fight.

4 Goku: Kamehameha

Goku learned the Kamehameha from its creator, Master Roshi. The Kamehameha is Goku”s signature attack and is taught to all of Master Roshi”s students. The attack was the first energy attack shown in the Dragon Ball series.

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Master Roshi spent decades studying martial arts before he managed to create the Kamehameha. After seeing Master Roshi perform the attack, Goku quickly masters the attack by performing it on his first try. The downside of the Kamehameha is that it does require time to charge the attack.

Sage Mode is a special state that few shinobi are able to reach. The only way to achieve Sage Mode is by combining a person”s chakra with the nature energy that exists in the world around them. The ability to achieve Sage Mode allows a person to access a lot of new abilities.

To reach Sage Mode, a person has to possess a lot of chakra. Sage Mode can be learned from either the toads at Mount Myoboku or the snakes at Ryuchi Cave. Naruto has used Sage Mode several times in battle.

2 Goku: Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan is a genetic ability passed down the Saiyan race. The ability to access the power is considered rare and is defined by a transformation, noticeably turning hair blond and eyes blue.

After a thousand years of no one achieving the powered-up status, the ability became nothing more than a legend. Frieza decided to destroy the Saiyan”s home planet, worried that the legend might be real. The ability was proved to be real when Goku achieved Super Saiyan status during his fight with Frieza.

Naruto has shown a better ability to strategize in a fight. He has allies that would provide serious back-up in a fight. He can quickly raise an army in a second or release a series of Rasengan. Once he taps into Sage Mode, he would unlock even more abilities.

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Goku has proven himself to be an incredibly great fighter and he would definitely put up a difficult fight. Both characters hate to lose and would probably become fast friends if they were not forced to fight. However, Naruto has proven himself to be the better overall fighter.

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