Trò Chơi Baby Hazel Games – Y8 Game Baby Hazel Christmas

Axis Entertainment Limited

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Most awaited event has arrived. It is Baby Hazel's birthday party. Let us celebrate little angel Baby Hazel's birthday with her family and friends.Guess what? Baby Hazel turned 3 today, so it is time to celebrate little Hazel’s birthday!Cute little angel, Baby Hazel needs to get ready for her birthday party. Help her to get ready in beautiful costumes and make up. Then celebrate Hazel’s birthday with her friends and enjoy fun filled activities. That’s not all. A surprise party is arranged by someone who loves Hazel very much. Want to know more about surprise party? Play and check it out.

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Here are problems that I don’t like 1 a baby wearing makeup 2 a baby with no crib 3 walking yes baby’s walk but why and 4 why were there like 6 candles is she in 1st grade isn’t she a baby?and last 5 why is hazel a SPOILED BRAT? I thought she was a good baby

Please see! 2 stars. Why?

So.. the answers are: 1. Sooo many adds! Like, u need to watch a add to go to the next level! Bad problem! Please fix! 2. WHY IS HAZEL WEARING MAKEUP!?!? Like, if a baby plays this, they would put on makeup! That could get them in trouble!!! 3. Hazel’s room changes in EVERY GAME! What? Do they move houses every day!?! Thats a problem. 4. ( last) if shes a “ baby” why does she go to preschool? She should be in DAYCARE! Underline the word: daycare! Well thats all. By the way, the game is fine. Just PLEASE fix these issues!

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