Đâu Là Sự Khác Biệt Giữa “” To Be Honest Nghĩa Là Gì, Nghĩa Của Từ Honest

(of a person) truthful or able to be trusted; not likely to steal, cheat, or lie, or (of actions, speech, or appearance) showing these qualities:

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It might have been useful in this theological text to be honest about the ways in which religion might be destructive to human wellbeing.
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In places, however, he was more honest in his remorse and admitted that he was brutalised by his monomania with being first at the pole.
Many readers may find this too vague and nondirective a conclusion, but it may also be the most honest and potentially motivational conclusion available.
In the crucial issues of rhetorical cogency, expressive adequacy, and honest intent, such tools have no place.
Truth telling is an important principle of medical ethics because honest communication shows respect, it promotes an effective therapeutic relationship, and it preserves trust.
For some people, they give correct change because they are honest, because they care about fairness, and so on.
The role of honest broker in negotiations between loquacious opponents, however, was not to the ambassador”s liking.
His call for “honest” taxes operated on the premise that his opponents would flinch before the prospect of a divisive debate about transparent taxes.
Lastly, sincerity (being honest, speaking from the heart, etc.) is a positive trait that rock critics commonly cite.
This awkward piece, gangling and almost painfully honest in its criticism, was, so to speak, “disappeared”.

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Here is a painful and painfully honest account of how easily a project can fail to meet its own expectations.


the act of making information or stories available to people in a printed or electronic form

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