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Rachel True vividly recalls the moment she, at the age of eight, first encountered a deck of tarot cards. She remembers thinking, “This is a language, and I can learn to speak this language.” So began the Craft actress”s lifelong tarot practice, which culminated in the publication of her own beautiful deck, True Heart Intuitive Tarot, in 2020 (her face is on the Empress card, if you look closely).

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Today, True”s Intuitive Heart Tarot Deck is among the countless options available to purchase, from tried-and-true classics like the Rider-Waite-Smith on Amazon to indie decks sold on Etsy. For beginning readers looking for guidance on love, life, and beyond, the only issue is abundance: Where should you begin? Ultimately, it”s a personal journey. Psychic medium Michael Cardenas tells, there is “no one correct deck” to start with. “Everyone is going to connect with a different deck. Look for the one that will literally speak to you.”

Psychic medium and tarot reader Sarah Potter recommends researching the decks” artwork on sites like Aeclectic Tarot prior to buying, since the design conveys the cards” significance. “Being able to connect with the imagery is so important. Select a deck that you find yourself in and offers the right mirror,” she says.

If you”re torn between decks, tarot reader and astrologer Lexi Ferguson recommends investing in more than one.

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“Take the guesswork out of it. Get three, four, five decks, and see which one you keep grabbing,” Ferguson says. “You don”t need to do soul-searching. It”ll happen along the way when it feels like your deck because it”s the one you keep reaching for.”Another trick? Memoirist and tarot reader Michelle Tea recommends dwelling on a deck before purchasing. “You”ll keep thinking about it—that’s how you know you really want it,” she says.

Below, we consulted a range of professionals about the beautiful, top-rated tarot card decks they recommend for beginners.

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First published in 1909,the Rider-Waite-Smithdeck is known as themost influential.”It really helped popularize having accessible images on every card,” tarot readerAerinnKolfage says.Since this one inspired so many modern tarot carddecks,familiarizing yourself with it allows you to become more fluent in others, Kolfage adds.

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Bri Luna, creator of the Hoodwitch, especially recommends the centennial edition, which re-centers illustrator Pamela Colman Smith. “She was a queer woman of colorwho died in obscurity. Now, she”s getting the credit she deserves,”Luna says.

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