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The demonic threat has been banished from the battle-scarred fields of Azeroth, but peace is still a distant dream. Now the war rages on, with more units, more missions, and more explosive strategic combat.

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Warcraft III – War with Darkness map packFeb 13 2021Full Version

War with Darkness map pack is the part of “World of Infinitas” project. Map pack is based on my own fantasy universe, and helping player to explore the…

Rise of Infinity Map PackDec 21 2020Full Version

Again new map pack from me about my universe. For now you`re watching more interesting and global content. This map pack is about different periods of…


WarCraft III TFT v1.24e Patch (Deutsch)Dec 17 2020Patch

Patch 1.24e FEHLERBEHEBUNGEN – Es wurde ein Exploit behoben, der Interaktionen mit Gebäuden verhinderte (“Tower-Hack”). – Es wurde ein Exploit behoben…


WarCraft III TFT v1.26 Patch (German)Dec 17 2020Patch

Patch 1.26 Behobene Fehler – Hexerei erhöht nicht länger die Geschwindigkeit eines Helden, wenn es am Ende der Effekte von Metamorphose oder Chemie-Wut…


Mainmenu V 1.0.0Dec 16 2020Wota Patch 1 comment

Bring Dota 2 Theme Mainmenu into classic Warcraft III – Frozen Throne

Warcraft III – Infinitas Elite MapsDec 16 2020Full Version

This is the special map pack for Warcraft III Frozen Throne about my own fantasysci-fi universe. Here you can find a lot of interesting locations.

Beyond the Throne v3.9.9.7Nov 29 2020Beyond the Throne Full Version

In addition to balance and terrain updates the primary feature of this update is a complete JASS overhaul to spells and systems, resulting in significant…

Warcraft Nirvana(1.1)Nov 26 2020Warcraft III: Nirvana Demo 12 comments

fixednight elf : archer modelfel orc : fixed upgradesnage : added Hydro

War2tinyV2.0 War3tinyV5.1Nov 21 2020Tiny Units – Warcraft 3 Other


Various Bug FixesApr 30 2020Warcraft III : Rebirth Patch 21 comments

I”ve tried to fix up various confirmed bugs with this one

Beyond the Throne v3.9.9.6Apr 5 2020Beyond the Throne Full Version 2 comments

This is a small update to get back into it. There will be more substantial balance changes in the coming month.

Bandit Mini PatchFeb 17 2020Warcraft III : Rebirth Patch 3 comments

I think I forgot to add those, just export them to your game”s installation folder and replace

7th PatchFeb 2 2020Warcraft III : Rebirth Patch 73 comments

After seeing how bad Reforged is I”ve decided to release the patch directly.

6threleaseAug 4 2019Warcraft III : Rebirth Full Version 44 comments

Greetings,Buyichis We are back again, 6th release is on once again.

Warcraft Rebirth SIXTH ReleaseJul 8 2019Warcraft rebirth Full Version 76 comments

Greetings,Buyichis We are back again, 6th release is on once again

Beyond the Throne v3.9.9.5Jun 17 2019Beyond the Throne Full Version 7 comments

Continued balance improvements and a few bug fixes.

Beyond the Throne v3.9.9.4Apr 25 2019Beyond the Throne Full Version

Several units are more accessible now. There is an ongoing focus to simplify units that will result in more abilities becoming passive, or in some cases…

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Warcraft III Extended Edition 1.1Apr 18 2019Warcraft 3 Extended Edition Full Version 4 comments

Warcraft 3 Extended Edition 1.1 brings improvements to the faction picking system, some new content for Alliance and also includes several balance changes…

Warcraft III Extended Edition 1.0Feb 27 2019Warcraft 3 Extended Edition Full Version 4 comments

After a long time, Warcraft III Extended Edition is getting an update – and a pretty big one. The main changes in version 1.0 are a new system for picking…

Beyond the Throne v3.9.9.3Jan 28 2019Beyond the Throne Full Version

Recently Grubby streamed my project and I had significant constructive feedback from viewers. This patch was aimed at streamlining the races by consolidating…

Beyond the Throne v3.9.9.2Jan 1 2019Beyond the Throne Full Version 5 comments

This update includes the first 6 player map for BTT – Poisoned Outpost. There”s important spell optimization resulting in less lag while in large battles…

CossacksMod 2018Dec 3 2018Cossacks 17c. European Wars Full Version

New models that fits the environment better, cannons and ships do less area damage (previous ones were too unbalanced), more upgrades for units, 18th…

Tileset PatchNov 6 2018Warcraft rebirth Patch 39 comments

Thanks to Nekki1 we updated the terrain to look less blury

Buildings PatchNov 5 2018Warcraft rebirth Patch 23 comments

Here you go guys, thanks for all the support through years!

Beyond the Throne v3.9.9.1 – UpdateOct 30 2018Beyond the Throne Full Version

Terrain update for Frozen Void to decrease playable area.

Throne of Azora 1.10Aug 2 2018Throne of Azora Full Version

Newest version featuring major bug fixes. Extract the file, put the map inside your Warcraft directory and play 🙂

South SandsJul 26 2018Full Version

This is the map for Warcraft III Frozen Throne. Desert sands, country of sheihs and sultans and many eastern mythology monsters.

Khasans DestructionJul 11 2018Full Version 1 comment

This is the fantasy scenario map with the own plot. Good heroes must find and destroy the terrible Doctor Khasan, who is trying to capture the whole planet…

My 2 LOTR MapsJul 9 2018Full Version 2 comments

My two maps for Warcraft III Frozen Throne 1.21 about the Lord of the Rings universe. North Arnor and Sea of Rhun.

Throne of Azora: Revelation 1.02Jun 3 2018Throne of Azora: Revelation Full Version

Small update, featuring some bug fixes. Hope you enjoy 😀

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