Hệ Thống Thông Tin (Information System

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There doesn”t seem to be any system to the books on these shelves – they”re certainly not in alphabetical order.

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He has his own ways of beating the system, making sure that he has good relationships with influential people.

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Countries with better banking systems should have easier access to money at lower interest rates than those that do not.
We have also described two additional systems for representation, which preserve more of the raw information than a binary analysis.
In addition, many federal agencies are just beginning to recognize that their performance management systems can be strategic tools to achieve success.
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The project”s purpose is to obtain and publicize information on model practices, programs, and systems.
The establishment of such systems involves many challenges in data collection, analytical methods, signal interpretation, and response.
The wager romance is a “test” of the chivalric system”s ability to contain and control the threat of female sexuality.
I will present some further examples of the development of behavior systems to illustrate the operation of some general principles of development.
The federal government retains some influence in provincial activities with its systems of federal grants.
The interlanguage tense and aspect systems can be characterised as showing high formal accuracy, but relatively lower appropriate use across all levels.
There are a number of serious gaps between the educational needs of rural children and the existing provisions of formal educational systems.
Recent years have seen considerable progress in the development of chemical self-replicating systems.
Bilingual acquisition : criteria for establishing one vs. two systems in early syntactic development.





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