Đồng Nghĩa Của Speculate Là Gì ? Nghĩa Của Từ Speculating Trong Tiếng Việt

A:Your first guess was correct, it”s making guesses without evidence. (this sounds slightly more natural than saying “groundless guesses”, but they have the same meaning)
Ri-na Speculate is like guess or imagine. Another meaning is “gambling” with risky financial investments.

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A:I don”t like to speculate about people”s lives.I speculate that he wants her back. It has been speculated that she is pregnant.
A:Not exactly, because to evaluate something is to consider or determine the worth of something. It doesn”t mean to question something, but to determine it instead.

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A:“think” is more general. “speculate” means thinking about things you don”t know much about. you can speculate about the future. you can speculate about what someone else is thinking. speculating is like guessing. thinking can be about things you know about. you can think about how to solve a problem. you can also think about the future, but it is less uncertain.

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A:When you speculate, you are usually thinking of different things that might be possible or that might happen, based on facts you already know.”He watched a lot of game shows, and speculated about ways to win money.””The economy was bad because of bankers speculating on the stock market.”To guess is to try and get a correct answer without knowing for sure.”He guessed his height was six feet, but he hadn”t measured himself.””I didn”t study for the test, so I guessed the answers.””She couldn”t remember what time they were meeting, so she guessed noon.”Guess can also be used as a noun, but speculate can”t.
A:To speculate means to guess about something, to contemplate means to think about or consider something.
Q:Nói câu này trong Tiếng Anh (Mỹ) như thế nào? i can only speculate what’s happening between them- does it sounds natural?

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