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a thin surface that forms on some liquids, such as paint, when they are left in the air, or others, such as heated milk, when they are left to cool
the pictures, designs, colours, etc. that appear on the screen of a mobile phone or other device and can be changed by the user:
the appearance of a character, object, etc. in a video game, that can be chosen and changed by the user:
Players have several options for purchasing weapon skins for all of the standard weapons in the game.
A skin is purely aesthetic – it doesn”t increase the character”s abilities or impact the outcome of the game.
These were, body weight and breast size, lymphocele aspiration, smoking, age, previous skin cancer, tumour stage and radiation dose.
Whether the recurrent episode is symptomatic or asymptomatic may depend, at least in part, on the number of virus particles present at the skin surface.
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We included all articles with a primary emphasis on health, such as articles focusing on breast cancer screening or skin cancer prevention.
The six to eight different maps in the interest-map sum were each salient features in themselves, such as skin-colour, motion, edges or colour saturation.
Information on patients” skin colour was either obtained from the case records or from attending caregivers.
Three patients believed that the gel caused sedation; no troubles with skin irritation or muscle spasms were reported.
Thus, patients at this institution are now advised to continue with their normal skin care routine using lotion, deodorant and soap.
Year round, daily use is advised if the patient has a history of skin cancer, sun-damaged and ageing skin.
Patients with a history of skin cancer should be advised to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen or sunblock with a sun-protection factor of 15 or above.
Five categories of symptoms (skin and haemorrhagic, respiratory, gastrointestinal, neurological and unexplained) were adopted for the case definition of the surveillance.


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