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Sayatoo SubtitleMaker”s functionality should be obvious, given its name, but what is not immediately obvious is the fact that it serves multiple purposes. You can use it to create stand-alone subtitle files, embed subtitles in videos and you can even create subtitles for karaoke songs. The efficient design of its interface and its intuitive controls enable you to create any kind of subtitles swiftly and without any effort. The software is free to try, with some limitations. It comes in a small package and it can be installed in just a few seconds. There is no need to install any special tools or codecs, so you can run the application right away. Also, you won”t notice any impact on your computer”s performance while it”s running. In terms of appearance, Sayatoo SubtitleMaker has a lot in common with lightweight video editors. You can find a multi-channel timeline editor in the lower region of its interface, an embedded player, a subtitles library, as well as a series of controls for special effects. Subtitles can be created from scratch, but you can also import and edit existing ones. Subtitles can be added to the timeline, where you can also add video and audio tracks. The best part is that you can add subtitles as separate segments and edit them separately. You can click and drag their edges, in the timeline editor, to make them last longer or otherwise, overlap them and so on. Another advantage of the timeline editor is the fact that it makes it much easier to synchronize subtitles with an audio track. Subtitles can be customized in various ways when it comes to how they show up on the screen. Besides changing font settings and the general dimensions of the text box on the screen, you can also add and customize signal and transition effects and much more. When you”re done working on the subtitles, you can export them as a separate file or you can export the entire video, with embedded subtitles. You won”t feel like something is missing when creating and editing subtitles with Sayatoo SubtitleMaker. Pros: The software looks and feels like a lightweight video editor. It places many useful options for editing subtitles, including special effects. You can export subtitle files or videos with embedded subtitles. Cons: There are no serious issues to address. You can download Sayatoo SubtitleMaker free here.

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Sayatoo SubtitleMaker has been reviewed by Frederick Barton on 17 Oct 2018. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, has rated Sayatoo SubtitleMaker 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential

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