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a long, narrow, flat piece of plastic, metal, or wood with straight edges where centimetres or inches, or both are printed. It is used for measuring things and for drawing straight lines.

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a narrow, flat object with straight edges you can use to draw straight lines and having marks you can use to measure things
The most widespread customs which continued into the colonial period were those related to the hunting and predatory raids undertaken by newly installed rulers.
Young people blended old and new in ways that threatened the dominance of their elders, traditional rulers, colonials and missionaries alike.
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All examinations and sample collections were performed at the palace of the respective traditional rulers.
In order to administrate effectively, the colonial powers were interested in establishing communities with clearly defined rulers.
Political rulers in office are thereby forced to do their sworn duty ; it assures the just administration of justice and creates peace among the citizenry.
Although several customs governed the selection of rulers, the matrilineal principle was quite strong.
Part of the resources acquired by rulers are distributed to followers in exchange for political loyality and support.
The ethics and rhetoric of exemplarity took precedence over the provision of complete chronicles of rulers, deeds, and battles.
His call for patriotism was one that strengthened rather than diminished the hierarchical relationship between rulers and ruled.
As a result, many rulers turned to parochial and exclusive identity groups, such as ethnicity, for support.
Democratisation is bound by a series of structural socio-economic factors as well as the ruler”s carefully crafted process of gradual, yet controlled, opening.
The rulers of today are perceived to a lesser degree than in the past as benefactors, albeit still as the most efficient potential protectors.
By definition, imperial contexts create new power-relations between the rulers and the ruled and, while these may be very complex, they should not be neglected.
With a dense population, the people are freer from the oppression of the ruling elite since the rulers have more difficulty keeping them under surveillance.


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Francis may have seen himself as an absolute ruler, but in practice his rule was hostage to circumstance.
Here the ruler is seen as the judge, the builder of consensus, a less authoritarian ruler than the hunter.

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It was said he was a typical colonial ruler, idle, grumpy but generous to those who fawned upon him and recognised his greatness.





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