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a statement that is added to what has already been said or decided, or an addition to a government bill (= a written plan for a law):
a statement added to the contract of a performer saying what they would like to have provided in their dressing room:
The Senate had to accept the rider to the bill that Gorton had crafted with mining industry lobbyists.

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Though handbooks for female riders had existed since the late eighteenth century, they had largely been written by men.
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I shall leave the details of this approach to unfold below, but had better issue a few riders beforehand.
They might also have been influenced by the adoption of the wheat allotment programme and hoped, as “free riders”, to exploit the scheme.
At the same time, enthusiastic fourth-wave riders might do well to remember that there are many additional systems involved in resilience beyond the individual and the immediate environment.
At the appropriate moment, he stumbled into the ring to argue with the ringmaster that he could ride a horse better than any of the circus riders.
We argued that there is a social moral obligation to worry about the well-being of riders as well as the financial cost of motorcycle accidents to society.
The following tables show this percentage, for motor cycle riders and car drivers separately, for the years 1978 to 1987.


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He became a bull rider at rodeos while he was still a teenager, but at the age of fifteen, he was stricken with polio.

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