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The aircraft has seven computer systems running in parallel, so as to provide enough redundancy to cope with computer breakdowns.

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compulsory/voluntary redundancy The bank has asked its 700 support staff to consider voluntary redundancy.
The project was a response to the large number of redundancies that occurred when the town”s railway works closed in 1986.
There are usually functional redundancies in the system provided by its components, which are overlooked because of the lack of information.
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Exploring a long list to remove redundancies takes too much time unless potentially redundant expressions are grouped together.
In order to successfully communicate with an audience, we have to rely on the redundancies already proven to work within the small neighbourhoods.
We hope that this presentation method avoids redundancies in the description and enhances readability of the paper.
In addition to the above substantive criticisms, it must be noted that the book contains numerous redundancies.
Theorems 1 and 9 say that the more restrictive a semantics is, the more redundancies there are for the arguments of function symbols.

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Malaysians have their brand of prefixes, suffixes, redundancies, synonyms, adjectives or appellations – with local colloquialisms making major inroads into our daily lives.
I am interested simply in establishing that universal and language-particular principles conspire in any language to specify extensive sequential redundancies.
The change in the posttreatment productive repertoire was segmental only, and it qualitatively impacted phonemic redundancies.





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