What Is Recession Là Gì ? Nghĩa Của Từ Recession Trong Tiếng Việt

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Recession (Econ) Suy thoái.

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+ Là giai đoạn giảm sút của chu kỳ thương mại xảy ra sau một đỉnh điểm và kết thúc tại điểm thấp nhất của chu kỳ.
recession /ri”seʃn/ danh từ
sự lùi lại, sự thụt lại, sự lùi vào, sự thụt vào; chỗ thụt vào, chỗ lõm vào (ở tường) sự rút đi (kinh tế) tình trạng buôn bán ế ẩm; tình trạng sản xuất giảm sút; cuộc khủng hoảng kinh tế ngắn kỳbiển thoáisự rútsự thoái luirecession of valley sides: sự thoái lui của sườn thung lũngsuy thoáiLĩnh vực: toán & tinthoái, suy thoáidirection of recessionphương thoáidirection of recessionphương vô hạngroundwater recessionsự hạ thấp nước ngầmgroundwater recessionsự vơi hết nước ngầmrecession conenón các phương vô hạnrecession conenón thóai hóarecession functionhàm thoáirecession functionhàm thoátrecession hydrographđường nước đỗrecession of levelsự hạ mức nướcrecession of the seabiển thoáirecession of the seatriều xuốngsự suy thoáigrowth recession: sự suy thoái về tăng trưởng (kinh tế)mild recession: sự suy thoái từ từworldwide recession: sự suy thoái kinh tế trên toàn thế giớisự suy thoái (về kinh tế, thương mại)suy thoáieconomic recession: suy thoái kinh tếgrowth recession: sự suy thoái về tăng trưởng (kinh tế)mild recession: sự suy thoái từ từminor recession: suy thoái kinh tế nhẹmoderate recession: mức suy thoái vừa phảirecession period: thời kỳ suy thoái (kinh tế)recession phase: giai đoạn suy thoái (kinh tế)recession process: quá trình suy thoái (kinh tế)recession year: năm suy thoái (kinh tế)worldwide recession: sự suy thoái kinh tế trên toàn thế giới





Từ điển Collocation

recession noun

ADJ. bad, damaging, debilitating, deep, major, massive, painful, severe, sharp, steep It was the worst recession since the war. | mild | deepening | long, prolonged | short, short-lived | continuing | global, international, widespread, world, worldwide | economic, industrial, retail

VERB + RECESSION cause | go into, move into, plunge (sth) into, sink into, slip into A rise in interest rates plunged Britain deeper into recession. | beat, combat | climb out of, come out of, emerge from, get (sth) out of, lead sth out of, move out of, pull (sth) out of active policies to pull the country out of recession | end | suffer from | escape (from) | ride out, survive As dozens of pubs go out of business, others are riding out the recession. | worsen

RECESSION + VERB loom With a recession looming, consumers are spending less. | hit sth The country has been hit by recession. | bottom out (= reach the lowest level)

PREP. in (a/the) ~ The economy is in deep recession.

PHRASES the depth of the recession, the effects/impact of the recession, in the depths of a recession, in times of recession, recovery from (the) recession, a way out of the recession > Special page at BUSINESS

Từ điển WordNet


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the state of the economy declines; a widespread decline in the GDP and employment and trade lasting from six months to a year

Bloomberg Financial Glossary

经济衰退经济衰退A temporary downturn in economic activity, usually indicated by two consecutive quarters of a falling GDP.

Investopedia Financial Terms

A significant decline in activity spread across the economy, lasting longer than a few months. It is visible in industrial production, employment, real income and wholesale-retail trade. The technical indicator of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth as measured by a country”s gross domestic product (GDP).

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Recession is a normal (albeit unpleasant) part of the business cycle. A recession generally lasts from six to18 months. Interest rates usually fall in recessionary times to stimulate the economy by offering cheap rates at which to borrow money.
Bear MarketBoomBusiness CycleDouble Dip RecessionEconomyGross Domestic Product – GDPGrowth RecessionHard LandingOverheated EconomySoft Landing

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

recessionssyn.: ceding back corner niche receding recess recessional

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