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This effect was only modestly reduced when psychiatric and sociodemographic predictors were controlled for.
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We can then infer that the removed variable functions as a significant mediator between the predictor and criterion variables.
Also, the median income in a district is not a statistically significant predictor in any of these models appearing in these tables.
The role of sibling conflict on later school conflict was less straightforward than that of the other predictors.
A measure of non-verbal reasoning was then entered into the regression to ensure that common predictors were not simply due to a general ability factor.
They also find that the absolute level of voting participation in each state is a more influential predictor of health than voting inequality.
Subsequently, we performed a hierarchical logistic regression analysis to identify significant predictors of case status.
In conclusion, our findings suggest that self-regulation is a prominent predictor of resilience among youths living in poverty.
Their results showed that oral language proficiency, by itself, was not a good predictor of word-reading ability.
Interestingly, these directions of the effects of all the other predictor variables, though not significant, turned out to be consistent with the general expectations.
Throughout the model-building process attention was paid to statistical significance of predictors and the overall fit of the model.
Phonological processes as predictors of specific reading skills in children at risk for reading failure.
Specifically, we focused on victimization as a predictor of impulsiveness and difficulties in attention regulation.
With these three predictor variables 78 % of the applicants were correctly assigned to the ” no-starter ” (52 %) or the ” starter ” (88 %) group (cut value=0.63).


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Further analysis of the data, however, suggests that age was not the best predictor of performance on the elicitation task.
The size of the personal social network is likely to be a better predictor of support network size than the entire social network.

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During this period, central cylinder damage was the most consistent predictor of mat disappearance in the subsequent cycle (table 7).
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An article of clothing and a ray of sunshine: making uncountable nouns countable (2)



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