What Is The Difference Between “A Pile Là Gì Trong Tiếng Việt?

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a strong column or post of wood, metal, or concrete that is pushed into the ground to help support a building
the soft surface of short threads on a carpet (= material for covering a floor) or on some types of cloth:
Despite a shaky first quarter, the athletic shoe producer has once again emerged at the top of the pile.

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said when a store sells large amounts of a product at cheap prices, without spending effort or money on displays, advertising, etc.:
Many seeds were recorded as having disappeared when they had been moved from their original piles (12.9%).
Thus, action sequence 3 is applied which consists of moveforward_down and moveforward_up actions to penetrate the rock pile by wiggling in between the rock particles.
As a further interpretation, consider a “linear machine” in which a pile of c chips are c split evenly, with 2d going in each direction.
She begins the novel in the assumed persona of a young widowed painter who moves into a crumbling pile in an isolated village.
To the contrary, the illusions piled atop apparent mental causation are the building blocks of human psychology and social life.
First they sprinkle the beach with pots using seawater, and after two or three sprinklings, they pile the sand up.
Cassowaries consume the fruit whole, when ripe, and defecate seeds in piles away from parent trees, where seed predation rates are lower.
A second piece of evidence is the pile of bones at the rear of each chamber, which includes skulls and all types of bone.
Two further samples were taken from the middle of the stored manure piles after 3 months, 6 months and a year.
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The book”s cover features a photograph of a young boy sitting at a breakfast table with a huge pile of pancakes.





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