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Hey there! This is the IntelliModder 32 team and it”s great to meet you. Our team consists of two people: Glen Wendell Aida from the Philippines and Arka Mukherjee from India.You must wonder why we make modded drivers. Our answer is simple. We know how it feels like to have an outdated GPU paired up with abysmal drivers provided by Intel. Also, we love coding, computers and technology. Hence, we get deep into the code of the generic or stock drivers and apply our tweaks.

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Features of PHDGD Now:*Assigns a driver for your given graphical chipset.*Redirects you to a high speed mirror/download link.*PHDGD Virtual VRAM Tool Embedded in Application.*Integrated DXDIAG.*Tool integrated for switching the Vertex Process Mode to HardWare/SoftWare.*Bootstrap like menu which can check for updates.

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Download Link:”s just the first version and this application will get further updates in the long run!Thank you. Stay tuned for this Winter”s driver releases.

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Make sure your using the latest intel drivers(or it wont work): 32bit: installation, add the .reg to your registry and reboot your system./file located at the root of C: as “PHDGD Virtual VRAM Tool”. SOFTWARE:
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Read through it before downloading your desired driver.


Q. So what are modded drivers?A. They are dynamically enhanced drivers for Intel GMA GPUs to enhance performance and video playback.Q. How they are created?A. We successfully created our modded drivers by reverse-engineering default drivers and improving their codes.Q. How to install modded drivers?A. Uninstall old driver by:Go to Screen Resolution (Right click on your desktop) later click on Advanced Options.On Adapter Tab click on Properties Now go to Driver Tab and finally press: Uninstall.Reboot.Install new driver.Reboot.Q. Hey , your drivers damaged my computer. What do I do?A. We , the IntelliModder 32 developer team are are NOT responsible for what happens to your system. However, we will try to troubleshoot your issues.Q. I get “Minimum Requirements alert or Not certified to this PC alert” error while installing your drivers. What do I do?A. Go to Screen Resolution. Right click, screen resolution and select adapter bar. Install according to the GPU you have.Windows 8:How to Install on Windows 8 or above:1. Run Command Prompt as Admin.2. Type: Code:bcdedit -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS Press ENTERbcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON3. Reboot, then install the driver and reboot again after install finish.4. Enable again the Driver Signature Enforcement:Code:bcdedit -set loadoptions ENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS ‘Press ENTER’bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF5. Reboot again.Currently, they are working on Windows 10 optimization of Intel Modded Drivers

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