Pes 2018/Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Online Manual, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Install Size Revealed

Switch the top menu by pushing , and Directional Buttons to select the mode you want to play from the panels. In the Player Info box, you can confirm your avatar in the ONLINE SETTINGS, your current GP and myClub Coins when logging onto the server. Pushing


allows you to jump to the CO-OP Room of the users you follow in “Online CO-OP” mode.

• For more details on myClub Coins, refer to “myClub”.

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Become a part of the beautiful game as either a club manager or as a player.








Create your very own club. Bring in the right talents and take on the very best the online universe has to offer. → See Instructions for myClub
Create your ultimate dream team by running a club, making the right signings and nurturing the right talents. The following new functions are newly added in this title. 【Club Operations】 Decide how you want to play Master League.

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In “Challenge” you will face many hurdles as you manage your team. 【Owner】 The club owners turn up and make a point of informing you of their list of goals for the club. Fail to meet their demands and you will lose their trust, potentially leading to your dismissal. 【Release Fee】 One of the new contract options. A player can cancel the contract with the club by paying this fee. When the other club pays this amount of fee for your own player as the transfer fee, you have no other choice than to accept the transfer.

Make your mark on the history of the game as a player from the day of his debut up until retirement.

Role Control

In “Role Control” teams are divided into 3 sections ATTACK, MIDFIELD and DEFENSE allowing up to 3 players to play for one side. To play “Role Control”, simply press ( ) when selecting sides (Only applies to offline matches).

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