” Paradoxical Là Gì – Paradoxical Có Nghĩa Là Gì

in a way that seems impossible or difficult to understand because of containing two opposite facts or characteristics:

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The period saw the radical separation of micro- and macro-economics (a separation denoted, paradoxically, as a “neoclassical synthesis”).
The actor was performing a “holding back” or a “keeping back” that was, paradoxically (“despite himself”) propelling him forward.
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Paradoxically, for all the precision of its organisation, the piece gives the impression of being free and spontaneous, almost improvisatory.
We are thus, it is argued, entering a ” new ” or, somewhat paradoxically, “post ” generational field.
Paradoxically, this might be taken to prove the point which she is attacking : that the early modern translations are unreliable.
As this mode of rhetoric becomes the norm, downward politeness paradoxically becomes a linguistic marker of power, and a tool for exercising that power.
Paradoxically, this criterion was more explicitly mentioned by managers than by financers/purchasers, while clinicians disregarded in their individual clinical practice.
Paradoxically, this merits “genuine” surprise because it is not, to certain minds, surprising at all.
Perhaps paradoxically, it is at these moments of heightened visuality that music is called upon to lend its essential contribution to the theatrical experience.
Paradoxically, enclosed atria provide greater self-shading and the demand for a larger amount of glazing for daylight purposes can be relatively high.

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Paradoxically, then, although the difference between invalidation and nonvalidation may seem but a nuance, it matters greatly.
Paradoxically – as the unwritability topos suggests – only writing can keep literacy, and women, from contaminating the battlefield.
Paradoxically, the military and political defeat of the conservatives allowed them to recover at least part of their lost influence, which would trigger new controversies.
Paradoxically, in a country where the female has been relegated to a very subordinate position, this highest tribute was paid to feminine power.
Paradoxically, then, social democracy, when combined with high levels of corporatism, ends up using a regressive form of taxation more than we would expect.





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