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Mr. Porn Geek at Only H Games

Hey everyone, how’s it going? Mr. Porn Geek here and today, I’m going to be looking at a place that combines a love of anime with a love of porn games. It goes by the title of Only Hentai Games and well, I think that everyone can already figure what’s going on here. Still, just having a general idea of what’s on offer in a particular place isn’t enough to determine whether or not it’s any good – that’s going to require a lot more in-depth analysis. Thankfully, Mr. Porn Geek is here to help with that, so let’s crack on and write up a full review of Only H Games.

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My first impressions of Only H Games

So the first thing I like to do whenever visiting a new website is to take a look at the homepage – that can tell you a lot about what somewhere has to offer. Firstly, it would appear that Only Hentai Games bypasses my uBlock Origin with a few of its ads, although allegedly 9 of them were caught – this place is pretty heavy on advertising! Anyway, the bulk of the content area is devoted to the latest releases added to the archive and as you scroll down, you’ll find a box that contains just the action releases – seems a bit weird, but maybe they’re known for their action hentai games.

The homepage doesn’t actually have much else to offer, apart from links to various places that you might want to utilize in order for better sourcing of the content you deserve. The first link provided is an alphabetical listing of all the games that they have, but I’m not at all a fan of this: it would appear that they have no preview images of genre tags, so you’re slightly left in the dark with regard to which games offer what. Note that Only Hentai Games also uses the Japanese stylization of anime porn game reference – eroge. This typically focuses entirely on productions from Japan though, so I think they’re a little bit hesitant to host Western-derived animated games.

More links at Only H Games

If you’re someone that is unable to speak Japanese and you just want a complete list of all the English-language games on offer, be sure to use this link here. It appears that supports Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German and English for its current titles, although the lesser utilized languages have fewer listings for you to enjoy. Perhaps the greatest way to divide up content that Only H Games has indulged in is via the different types – basically, we’re looking at the genres of the titles. They’ve got action, puzzle, RPG, simulation and then just visual novels for the people that don’t want to make decisions. I should also mention that some of these games are censored, so consider hitting the ‘uncensored’ header link if you’re not someone who’s a fan of pixels blocking pussy and cock.

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Trying Only H Games’ out

Okay, so let’s go ahead and actually try some of the games out here – I’m a bit of an expert when it comes to hentai games, so I’m happy to do this on the behalf of everyone at home. The first release I went for was entitled Night of Revenge and this seems like a work in progress, since it was version 0.27. When you click on a game, it presents a bunch of meta data about the release (production studio, languages supported, censorship, tags and size) and then two download links: one to Mega, the other to Mediafire. I’m pretty familiar with Mega and I know that they don’t require an account or slow down your speed when you grab a semi-large file – that was obviously going to be the choice that I went for!

Installation went pretty smooth, as did the game itself. The art style on Night of Revenge was pretty dark and gothic: reminds me of those days when I used to listen to Tristania and play MMORPGS for 12 hours straight. Do note that Only H Games isn’t a studio in and of itself – it merely mirrors Japanese anime porn games that other people have created. I did have one issue with the links they provided too: their middle-man advertising thing kept on bugging me for notification access, which means they can just send you spam every once in a while – annoying as fuck. I’m not really that keen on this type of website structure, so yeah, would much prefer Only H Games didn’t do this.

A closer look at Only H Games’ model

Looking around a little more, it became clear to me that Only H Games is more of an archive and documentation website, as opposed to a producer. There are pros and cons to this type of place, but a lot of that has to do with the structure. I think that Only H Games is great when it comes to its tags and regular updates – I just wish they didn’t do the lame spam advertising they’ve got on. Look, I know running a website costs money, but don’t piss off your visitor with jumping through dozens of hoops before they can get what they want. would get a much nicer reception from me if it didn’t resort to these highly questionable tactics.

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Final thoughts on Only H Games

I can’t really judge the quality of the hentai games here, mainly because this site is just a repository for the content created by others. It serves its purpose more than effectively – just be prepared for a lot of adverts and mild annoyances in order to get the links that you want. Mr. Porn Geek doesn’t think this is a terrible place, but you may find that my other recommendations for anime sex games are far superior to this destination. Still worth a look for some, but don’t go thinking this is a solid endorsement: I’m hoping that Only Hentai Games makes some key changes in the near future so they can get a much better rating next time.

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