now and then nghĩa là gì

(every) now and then

Occasionally; sometimes. Josh does stop by the store every now and then, but I haven”t seen him lately. I don”t eat a lot of sweets, but every now and then I just need a piece of chocolate cake. See also: and, now

(every) now and then

 and (every) now and again; (every) once in a whileoccasionally; infrequently. We eat lamb every now and then. We eat pork now and then. I read a novel every now and again. See also: and, now

now and then

sometimes; occasionally. (See also (every) now and then.) I like to go to a movie now and then. We visit my parents now and then, but we rarely see our other relatives. See also: and, now

(every) now and aˈgain/ˈthen

occasionally: We see each other every now and again. ♢ She sat by the window, looking out now and then to see if they were coming. ♢ ‘How often do you go to the theatre?’ ‘Now and then. Not often.’ OPPOSITE: all the time (2)See also: again, and, nowSee also:(every) now and thenevery now and thenevery so oftenevery which whereevery otherevery which waycover all basescover all the/your baseslearn (something) from the bottom uplearn from the bottom up

every now and then

from time to time; occasionally 不时;时常
Every now and then I like to walk along the beach and forget my problems.我常常喜欢沿着海滩散步,忘记我的问题。
I meet him every now and then on the street.我时常在街上碰见他。

every now and then|every|every now and again|every

adv. phr. At fairly regular intervals; fairly often; repeatedly. John comes to visit me every now and then. It was hot work, but every so often Susan would bring us something cold to drink.
Compare: NOW AND THEN.

now and then

occasionally He likes to go to that restaurant now and then.

now and then|again|now|now and again|then

adv. phr. Not often; not regularly; occasionally; sometimes. Now and then he goes to a ball game. The maid broke a dish now and then.

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