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a must-have accessory/gadget/item The device soon became a must-have accessory for anyone in the business world.
The brand”s style is geometric and sober, sophisticated yet urban, with some lasting characteristics such as black dresses, musthave bags and the use of bows.
Apparently the sales department felt that the electric leg was a musthave item to keep up with the competitors.
Its mission then, as it is now, was to provide musthave timely information, including price indications, for the global non-ferrous metals and steel markets.
Everyone, from toddler to tycoon, can find inspiration for action in this musthave guide to ocean care.
During his television period, he quickly becomes a great and musthave supporting part in the soaps.
His gleaming mahogany runabouts captured the public imagination with their elegant design and record-breaking speed and in the process quickly became the musthave play thing for the rich and famous.
The musthave technologies include a deep space atomic clock, a large solar sail and a more advanced laser communications system to improve communication, navigation, and propulsion in future missions.

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Continual improvements followed to allow the binding to hold more strongly, and by the winter of 1974/75 the binding was a musthave on the pro freestyle skiing circuit.
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