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GTA San Andreas has been kept alive through its excellent modding community.Through mods, GTA San Andreas looks way better than it did back in 2004.

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Over the course of the long and storied history of gaming, there have been certain cultural landmarks at each point. In 2004, GTA San Andreas made quite a huge splash and was possibly the most culturally significant GTA game since Grand Theft Auto III in terms of its impact on the industry.

The game would quickly go on to become the highest-selling PS2 game of all time, which is just about as successful as a game can get. On PC, the game is still being kept alive through various mods.

If players were to go about looking for graphics mods for GTA San Andreas, there would be a lot on their plate. Here, we take a look at some of the best graphics mods available for the game in November of 2020.

5 of the best GTA San Andreas graphics mods as of November 2020

#1 GTA V ENB for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas


This is perhaps one of the most comprehensive mods in the GTA San Andreas” history and takes a holistic approach to the game. Updated textures and better-looking assets go a long way to make a game look great years after its initial launch date.

This mod takes everything, from the water to the weather effects, and overhauls them to a frankly insane degree. It makes the game look like it could have been released in 2010 instead of 2004.

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A HUD goes quite unnoticed when it is done right, as should be the case. However, a well-designed HUD will significantly impact the overall gaming experience and will make the game a breeze to play through.

GTA V”s HUD provides all the essential information without ever creating too much clutter on the screen. The game feels significantly cleaner and more responsive as a result.

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Switching between weapons while using the wheel feels way better than scrolling through the player”s entire arsenal one by one.

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#3 Memory 512

A memory update might not seem as appealing to the average player as a texture pack for GTA San Andreas. However, a memory upgrade will simply enable the game to draw more power from the PC and help improve a lot of its capabilities.

For example, players can really crank up on the Draw Distance values and extract as much as they possibly can out of their GPUs. When GTA San Andreas was being developed, hardware simply wasn”t as powerful as today, and the game was, therefore, not capable of pulling from powerful hardware.

A memory upgrade will significantly improve the game experience as it allows players to take advantage of newer, more powerful hardware.

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#4 GTA SA IV Los Santos Re-Textured

This mod essentially uses textures from 2008″s GTA IV and brings it over to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas” rendition of Los Santos. This makes the game look significantly better than it did back in 2004.

The updated textures include everything, from the roads to buildings and even water bodies surrounding Los Santos.

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#5 Overdose Effects v1.5

From explosion effects and gunfire to even smoke emissions from vehicles, every single effect in GTA San Andreas is perfected to a great measure in this mod.

This mod goes above and beyond with the effects but excess is always a welcome quality in the series.

While the mod is a little taxing on the player”s GPU, the results are fantastic enough for it to justify its existence.

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