Metres Là Gì Trong Tiếng Việt? Nghĩa Của Từ Meter, Từ Meter Là Gì

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metre /”mi:tə/ danh từ vận luật (trong thơ) (âm nhạc) nhịp phách Métsquare metre: mét vuôngcubic metre: mét khối
métgrams per square metre (gsm): gam trên mét vuông (Anh)linear metre: mét dàiload per metre: tải trọng trên métmetre (m): mét (đơn vị độ dài)turns per metre: số vòng xoắn trên métvolt per metre: vôn trên métweight per metre: trọng lượng theo mét dàicubic metre (cu.m)met khốimetre (m)mét o mét (đơn vị đo chiều dài)

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MEASURE: and measures ~ of I always drink gallons of water.

half a, a quarter of a ~ half a litre of milk

a half/quarter hour, inch, mile, ounce, pint, pound They used to sell corned beef at 2d a quarter pound.

cubic, square ~ One litre is equivalent to 1,000 cubic centimetres.

~ square The room is about 15 metres square.

~ broad, deep, high, long, tall, thick, wide The new dock was 230 m long and 92 m broad.

~ bigger, cooler, faster, heavier, lighter, slower, etc. The climate was several degrees warmer than it is now.

about, approximately, around ~ 1 foot = approx. 0.3 metres

be, cover, measure, span, stretch (for) ~ used with measures of distance and area The National Park covers 3,000 acres. The sandy beach stretches for over four miles.

be, weigh ~ used with measures of weight She weighed over ten stone.

be, last, take ~ used with measures of time It takes approximately 365 and a quarter days for the earth to revolve around the sun.

in a ~ How many centilitres are there in a litre?

in ~s We were asked to estimate the temperature of the room in degrees.

to a/the ~ My car does 10 miles to the litre.

a, per ~ They”re 99p a dozen. a safety threshold of 50 mg of nitrates per litre

by the ~ Apples are sold by the kilogram.

of ~ The path will be built to a width of 2 metres.

~ in area, length, volume, weight, size, etc. Killer whales are up to ten metres in length.

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