” Mess Around Là Gì – Mess Around (With Sb)

mess around

1. To tinker or fiddle with something. Hey, don”t mess around with the thermostat—it needs to stay at 68 degrees. Grandpa”s still messing around with that old radio, but I doubt he”ll get it to work again.2. To test or use something in order to learn more about it. I”m messing around with a different platform for my blog, and I can”t decide if I like it or not.3. To engage in aimless recreation or frivolous time-wasting; to fool around. Quit messing around and work on your book report already, Scotty!4. To tease or play a prank on one, often by trying to get them to believe something that is not true. Come on, stop messing around. There”s no such thing as ghosts.5. To joke about something. Often used in the negative to indicate absolute seriousness. Oh, come on, Tina, we”re just messing around. We didn”t mean it. You guys, Mom is not messing around. She said she would ground us for a month if she caught us again.6. To engage in casual sex acts with someone. Betsy and I are just messing around, which is great because I don”t want a serious relationship anyway.See also: around, mess

mess around

(with something) and mess about (with something); monkey around (with something) 1.

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to play with or fiddle with something idly and with no good purpose. Don”t mess around with the ashtray. You”ll break it if you don”t stop messing about with it. 2. to experiment with something; to use and learn about something. We had been messing about with some new video techniques when we made our discovery. The people in this lab are messing around with all kinds of polymers.See also: around, mess

mess around

andmess about1. to waste time; to do something ineffectually. Stop messing around and get busy. I wish you wouldn”t mess about so much. You waste a lot of time that way. 2.

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to play sexually. Those two have been messing around. Pete was messing around with Maria during the summer.See also: around, mess

mess around

v.1. Slang To waste time: Stop messing around and finish your chores!2. Slang mess around with To manipulate or work with something without a clear sense of method: I messed around with the TV controls, but the picture still looks too green.3. Vulgar Slang To engage in casual, often promiscuous sexual activity.See also: around, mess

mess around

verbSee mess around with someoneSee also: around, mess

mess around mess about

verbSee mess around with something mess about with somethingSee also: around, messSee also:

mess around

play around, engage in idle activity The children were messing around in the school yard before the class began.

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mess around|mess

v. phr. 1. To engage in idle or purposeless activity. Come on, you guys, start doing some work, don”t just mess around all day! 2. vulgar To be promiscuous; to indulge in sex with little discrimination as to who the partner is. Allen needs straightening out; he”s been messing around with the whole female population of his class. Compare: FOOL AROUND.
merger-mania merit merry merry as a cricket merry as a grig merry as the day is long Merry Christmas merry Christmas and a happy new year merry dance Merry Xmas merry-andrew mesc mesh mesh together mesh with mesh with (someone or something) Meshed meshuga meshugah meshuggeneh mess mess (one's) face up mess about mess about with (someone or something) mess about with someone mess around mess around mess about mess around with (someone or something) mess around with someone mess around with something mess about with something mess face up mess of mess of (something) mess of pottage mess over mess someone over mess someone up mess someone’s face up mess up mess with mess with (one's) head mess with (someone or something) mess with someone/something mess with someone's head mess with the bull and you get the horns message messed up messenger met metal metamorphose into meet up with meet with melt in one”s mouth melting pot mend one”s fences mend one”s ways mental telepathy mercy killing mess around mess up method in (to) one”s madness mickey mouse middle ground middle of the road middle-of-the-road midfield stripe
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