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memory /”meməri/ danh từ sự nhớ, trí nhớ, ký ứcto have a good memory: có trí nhớ tốt, nhớ lâuto commit to memory: nhớ, ghi nhớwithin the memory of man; within living memory: trong khoảng thời gian mà loài người còn nhớ lại được kỷ niệm, sự tưởng nhớto keep the memory of: giữ kỷ niệm củain memory of: để kỷ niệm, để tưởng nhớ tới
bộ nhớmain internal memory: bộ nhớ chủmemory capacity: dung lượng bộ nhớ (máy tính)memory capacity: dung lượng bộ nhớmemory typewriter: máy chữ có bộ nhớread-only memory: bộ nhớ chỉ đọcread-only memory: bộ nhớ cố địnhsemiconductor memory: bộ nhớ bằng chất bán dẫnbộ nhớ (máy tính)memory capacity: dung lượng bộ nhớ (máy tính)memory lapsesự sai sót trí nhớrandom access memorynhớ thâm nhập bấp bênh, rủi ro <"meməri> o bộ nhớ Bộ phận trong máy tính tại đó các số liệu được lưu giữ trong khi đang được xử lý Bộ nhớ đo bằng kilobyte và megabyte.

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): memorial, memory, memorize, memorable, memorably



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Từ điển Collocation

memory noun

1 ability to remember

ADJ. excellent, good, long, prodigious, retentive | bad, poor, short | long-term, short-term His short-term memory was damaged in the accident. | visual Bad spellers have a weak visual memory. | photographic

VERB + MEMORY jog, refresh Seeing your name in the paper jogged my memory. | lose Most people start to lose their memory as they get older. | commit sth to I committed the number to memory and threw the letter away.

PREP. from ~ He recited the whole poem from memory. | ~ for I have a good memory for faces.

PHRASES in living/recent memory the coldest winter in living memory

2 thought of the past

ADJ. childhood, early My earliest childhood memory is of falling in a pond in winter. | dim, distant, fading, hazy, vague | clear, vivid | affectionate, fond, good, happy, lovely, nostalgic, pleasant, positive, precious, sweet, warm, wonderful | bitter-sweet | bad, bitter, disturbing, embarrassing, horrific, painful, sad, traumatic, unhappy, unpleasant | abiding, enduring, lasting, lingering My abiding memory of our first meeting is of a girl too shy to talk.

VERB + MEMORY bring back, evoke, rekindle, revive, stir (up) | blot out He tried to blot out his memories of the ordeal.

MEMORY + VERB come flooding back, flood back When we visited my old family home, memories came flooding back. | fade

PREP. in ~ of He planted some apple trees in memory of his wife. | ~ from Smells and tastes often evoke memories from the past. | ~ of fond memories of her childhood

Từ điển WordNet


something that is remembered

search as he would, the memory was lost

the area of cognitive psychology that studies memory processes

he taught a graduate course on learning and memory

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Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. A device where information can be stored and retrieved. In the most general sense, memory can refer to external storage such as disk drives or tape drives; in common usage, it refers only to a computer’s main memory, the fast semiconductor storage (RAM) directly connected to the processor. See also core, EEPROM, EPROM, flash memory, PROM, RAM, ROM. Compare bubble memory, mass storage.

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

memoriessyn.: computer memory computer storage memory board remembering retention retentiveness retentivity storage store

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