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I want to use a program named SIRENE which is use to construct gene networks and is implemented in matlab version 7.5.0. Do you know whether this program is implemented in other matlab versions or only in 7.5? If it is only in version 7.5.0, then I have to download this version. Could you tell me where I can get it?


you can select versions of R2008a to R2016b now, but R2007b is not on the list, so it”s better you ask you assisted help by clicking contact us button on the Free Product Trial page.

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After the MATLAB trial you would need to purchase a MATLAB license to continue using it, unless you already have a MATLAB license for R2007b or later.
A program written for R2007b probably can be used up to about R2011b or so, depending on what it calls; it might even be usable up to R2014a. R2014b had an important change to the graphics system, so it might not be compatible with releases later than that.

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I just downloaded SIRENE . Once I had installed libsvm (and made sure libsvm was before the Stats toolbox in my path), SIRENE seems to run without difficulty in the latest MATLAB.
(Installing libsvm requires compiling some source in its matlab directory. On my system that required editing the Makefile to tell it where my MATLAB is (it was configured for Linux). It took a few minutes to compile but was not a real problem.)

When accessing the cited page
Type “license” at the MATLAB prompt to get your license number or get an activation key from your MATLAB administrator.

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When keying in the word “license” I”m sent back to obtain a license
All I want to do is to download this 13 year old software to learn the rudiments of Matlab”s graphing capabilites.

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