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By aping the discourse of nineteenth-century materialistic science, it acted out its hidden tensions, exaggerating them into unresolvable paradoxes.
But experimental physiology will teach us how much the notion of intuitive space is still reductively materialistic.
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Rather, he identifies them archetypically, as archaic man stands furthest from the mode of consciousness represented by modern, materialistic culture.
Organicism can no longer be uncritically affirmed as the counter to dehumanizing mechanistic and materialistic trends.
The analysis contrasts a materialistic interpretation of the influence of children on older people”s wellbeing with the informants” more holistic evaluation of family relationships.
In the last analysis, overpopulation receives most of the blame, but the current materialistic attitude of the developed world is given almost equal credit.
In the late 1980s and early 1990s, his inclinations were more materialistic, if not in most of the conventional senses of academic “materialism”.

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They outline a wholly new approach to the past which is at the same time historistic and materialistic.
Of course, the problem of how to get at the operatic ” real” without being reductively materialistic remains.





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