Master Là Gì, Nghĩa Của Từ Master, Phòng Ngủ Master Là Gì

Many people feel that traditional uses of the suffixes -man, -master, -woman and -ess are sexist and outdated, so alternative, neutral forms are often used (m = male; f = female). …
Some nouns, adjectives and verbs which include man are considered sexist nowadays. We can often use neutral alternatives: …
These master actors teach their students the repertoire of their particular genres by having them copy what they do.
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Teachers and parents consistently identified spelling and grammar as two of the hardest things for students to master.
Women established a much greater presence, and the role of the master was diffused as management duties were spread amongst a volunteer staff.
Each solution was prepared by mixing a known portion from a master solution with fresh distilled water.
So there is no escaping from it: scientific language has to be tackled and mastered if scientific thought is to be followed.
Also, the other kinds of grammatical knowledge are more likely to be mastered in the beginning stages of learning a new word.
Therefore, however complicated this simplicity might be for the human mind, mathematics is the master tool with which to seize the truth of the world.
The pad may be musically interpreted as an elementary tool that allows a “master gesture” to conduct the music.
Personal appearance is the first area that must be mastered in order to establish the new hierarchy elevating work over sloth.
Chapters 7, 8, and 9 form the core chapters that a graduate student would be interested in, having mastered the earlier chapters.
The master equation is derived and applied to atomic excitation by radiation with both broad and narrow spectral widths.


Các từ thường được sử dụng cùng với master.

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One chess master declared after winning 10,000 master games that he had never defeated an opponent who was in perfect health at the time of his defeat.
Digital design and fabrication offers the architect the potential to be the master builder or master craftsman – the direct fabricator.

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