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In this video, Lastshadow9 explains the tier list of patch 6.3. In this patch all the way to plat Malphite is S tier as support. I never played him support, so I was kind of suprised. I was wondering a few things:

-Why is he that good in those ELO's? -How should I play him in lane? -What items, masteries and runes?

I would really like to play him, since I play him a lot at top, Malphite.

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Thanks. 😀


Step 1 be useless af in lane

Step 2 get 6 without being hopelessly behind

Step 3 press r

He is legit just Alistar pre 6 without the heal or combo, you just use relic stacks and walk up with adc to cs to draw harass off him.

Then you are just regular malph. Strong engage and kill pressure. Same pages as Braum or Alistar (w.o windspeaker)

Are we ignoring his attack speed slow? That's a pretty big chunk of the enemy adc's damage negated.

Would you agree of how highly he rates malph support? I have played a lot of it and it doesn't feel like a top pick.

He's better in low elos because you don't get your shit pushed in by the enemy pre 6. Better players know how useless Malph is pre 6 and will really abuse you. He has no trading potential, no sustain (aside from relic), no real gank setup etc. All he's good for pre 6 is drawing aggro and being ok at countering all ins. If enemy goes too aggro he can run up and E enemy ADC and generally stop the kill

Post 6 he's a monster with broken gank setup and amazing roaming.

Items are typical tank support, relic into FOTM or eye, sightstone, swifties, frozen heart is good for CDR + armour. Abyssal if really fed, locket/banner etc. Masteries I like strength of ages, but you can go bond of stone or grasp. Full tank runes, or magic pen + tank

And which skill order? I would assume E for the all in potentional at 6, but which leaves you with nothing pre 6. only level one Q.

Max W or E depending on the ADC. I max E for example against Vayne because shes AA reliant. I would not take Mal vs poke heavy bot lanes.

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See this:


The general consensus is that he is good in low ELO because people are bad. But for some reason, that also precludes the player himself from being bad. Or something about how the player himself being bad is not relevant due to the inherent power of malphite R and Q.

Well anyway, I'd give that topic a read, will probably help you out.

In low ELO you are much less likely to be punished for your weak laning phase allowing you to reach post 6 without being hopelessly behind. Once you reach 6 on malphite then a well trained monkey could rekt face in bronze.

Laning phase matters so little for supports now, its all about what you can do with no money. This is why trundle and poppy support exist and nami and sona don't. Malphite gets rekt early by ranged supports, but nobody plays them anymore. So all you have to do is hit 6 then you are ready to roll. Malphite is the best “walking ultimate” champ out there

Malphite is a terrible support, but a really good mid game to late game tank and team fight initiator.

I can only guess as to Lastshadow's reasoning, but I suspect that he knows that in low Elo you almost never face another ADC/Support combo that knows how to punish you.

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And, being lame before level 6 is worth it, once you hit level 6 and can start Ult SMASHING everyone.


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