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Hình dáng, cấu tạo (của một vật); kiểu (quần áo); tầm vóc, dáng, tư thế (người)
Sự chế tạo, kiểu chế tạo is this your own make? cái này có phải tự anh làm lấy không?

(điện học) công tắc, cái ngắt điện to be on the make (thông tục) thích làm giàu

Làm, chế tạo to make bread làm bánh to make verses làm thơ made in Vietnam chế tạo ở Việt Nam made of ivory làm bằng ngà

Sắp đặt, xếp đặt, dọn, thu dọn, sửa soạn, chuẩn bị to make the bed dọn giường to make tea pha trà

Kiếm được, thu to make money kiếm tiền to make a profit kiếm lãi to make good marks at school được điểm tốt ở trường

Làm, thực hiện, thi hành to make one”s bow cúi đầu chào to make a journey làm một cuộc hành trình

Phong, bổ nhiệm, lập, tôn they wanted to make him president họ muốn tôn ông ta lên làm chủ tịch

Ước lượng, đánh giá, định giá, kết luận to make the distance at 10 miles ước lượng quãng đường ấy độ 10 dặm

Đến; tới; (hàng hải) trông thấy to make the land trông thấy đất liền the train leaves at 7.35, can we make it? xe lửa khởi hành vào hồi 7 giờ 35, không biết chúng tôi có thể đến kịp không? make it thành công nhé!

Hoàn thành, đạt được, làm được, đi được to make 30 kilometers an hour đi được 30 kilômét một giờ

Trở thành, trở nên if you work hard, you will make a good teacher nếu anh làm việc chăm chỉ, anh sẽ trở thành một giáo viên giỏi

Nghi, hiểu I do not know what to make of it tôi không biết nghĩ về điều đó ra sao I could not make head or tail of it tôi chẳng hiểu được đầu đuôi câu chuyện ra sao

to make out đặt, dựng lên, lập to make out a plan đặt kế họach to make out a list lập một danh sách to make out a cheque viết một tờ séc

Hiểu, giải thích, tìm ra manh mối, nắm được ý nghĩa, đọc được I cannot make out what he has written tôi không thể đọc được những điều hắn ta viết

Phân biệt, nhìn thấy, nhận ra to make out a figure in the distance nhìn thấy một bóng người đằng xa

(từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) diễn biến, tiến triển how are things making out? sự việc diễn biến ra sao?

to make over chuyển, nhượng, giao, để lại to make over all one “s property to someone để lại tất cả của cải cho ai

trang điểm, tân trang

to make up làm thành, cấu thành, gộp thành, hợp lại, gói ghém, thu vén to make all things up into a bundle gói ghém tất cả lại thành một bó

Lập, dựng to make up a list lập một danh sách

Bịa, bịa đặt It”s all a made-up story Đó là một câu chuyện hoàn toàn bịa đặt

Hoá trang to make up an actor hoá trang cho một diễn viên

Thu xếp, dàn xếp, dàn hoà the two friends have had a quarrel, but they will soon make it up hai người bạn xích mích với nhau, nhung rồi họ sẽ dàn hoà ngay thôi

Đền bù, bồi thường to make some damage up to somebody bồi thường thiệt hại cho ai

Bổ khuyết, bù, bù đắp

to make little (light, nothing) of coi thường, coi rẻ, không chú ý đến, không quan tâm đến

kiểu make-and-break ignition sự đánh lửa kiểu đóng-ngắt standard make kiểu tiêu chuẩn

chuẩn bị make-ready công việc chuẩn bị trước khi sản xuất make-up tank thùng chuẩn bị dung dịch hoặc hỗn hợp

Build, assemble, construct, erect, put together, set up,fashion, form, mould, shape, frame, create, originate,fabricate, manufacture, produce, put out, forge, contrive,devise: She makes her own dresses. They make TV sets here. TheColossus of Rhodes was said to be made of bronze. 2 cause,compel, force, impel, coerce, provoke, urge, exhort, press,pressure, require, command, order, induce, persuade, prevailupon, insist upon, oblige, Brit pressurize: The devil made medo it.

Make out or up,draw (up), create, write, sign, frame: I made a new willleaving everything to my children.

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Earn, return, reap, garner, take in, get,procure, gather, clear, realize, gross, net, pocket, get,acquire, obtain, receive; win, gain, Slang US pull down: Hasher invention made money? He makes a good living out of hisshop. He made œ25 playing poker. 8 amount to, constitute,represent, add up to, total, come to: He knows how many beansmake five. Three and two do not make four. One singer does notmake an opera. 9 change, turn, alter, modify, transform,convert; transmute, mutate, metamorphose: He made her into astar. The alchemists tried to make base metal into gold. 10become, be, change or turn or grow into, perform as: I thinkQuentin will make a brilliant surgeon one day.
Serve as orfor, be suitable for, be, prove to be, turn out to be, turninto, become: This cut of meat will not make a good roast.

Reach, arrive at, attain, get (to),win, achieve, accomplish; come in, Brit be placed, US place:Fran might make first place in the marathon.
Prepare,arrange, rearrange, tidy (up), neaten (up): You have made yourbed, now you will have to lie on it.
Appoint, name,select, choose, elect, vote (in as), designate, authorize,commission, delegate, depute, deputize, assign, sanction,approve, affirm, certify, confirm: They made him their leader.24 seduce, make it with: Kenneth tried to make Sharon lastnight.
Make as if or as though. pretend, feign, act as if oras though, affect, make a show or pretence of, give theimpression of: He made as if to strike me.
Make away. runoff or away, flee, fly, make off, abscond, take to one”s heels,decamp, beat a (hasty) retreat, Colloq run for it, make a runfor it, beat it, clear out, cut and run, skedaddle, take off,cut out, skip (town), make tracks, US fly the coop, Slang scram,vamoose, US hightail it, take a (run-out) powder: Taking thejewels, he made away as fast as he could run.
Make awaywith. steal, rob, filch, pilfer, purloin, walk away or off with,Colloq borrow, liberate, boost, Slang pinch, hook, swipe, ripoff, lift, US boost: That boy has made away with my cherrytarts!
Make believe. pretend, fancy, play-act, dream,fantasize, imagine, act as if: We used to make believe we weregrown-ups.
Make do. get by or along, cope, scrape by oralong, manage, muddle through, survive, Colloq make out: Wehave to make do on the pittance Randolph gets from theuniversity.
Make for. a head for or towards, aim for, steer(a course) for, proceed towards, be bound for: After this isdone, I am making for the nearest pub. b assault, attack, setupon, charge, rush (at), pounce upon, fall upon or on, go for,lunge at, storm, assail: The big fellow was making for me witha knife when the lights went out. c promote, contribute to, beconducive to, favour, facilitate: Good fences make for goodneighbours.
Make good. a make up (for), pay (for),compensate for, recompense (for), repay, offset, makerestitution for, settle, square, rectify, put to rights, setright, remedy, correct, restore: He agreed to make good anylosses. b succeed, prosper, flourish, thrive, Colloq make it:In later life he made good as a property developer. c fulfil,carry out, Colloq deliver (the goods): She made good on herpromise to return my book.
Make it. a succeed, prosper,triumph, win, make good, Colloq make the grade: Do you thinkshe will make it as a doctor? b arrive, get (somewhere), showup, appear, turn up: They are hoping to catch the 5:03 toIpswich but I doubt if they will make it. 33 make known. tellof, impart, disclose, reveal, divulge, mention, communicate,announce, declare, promulgate, publish, let slip, Colloq tipoff: She made known her demands.
Make much of. aexaggerate, overstate, colour, hyperbolize, Colloq make a bigdeal of, blow up: He made much of his new title. b coddle,cosset, baby, pamper, dote on, flatter, toady (up) to, cajole,humour, indulge, Colloq butter up: Henry makes much of hisgrandchildren.

Make out. a see, discern,descry, espy, detect, discover, distinguish, perceive: I madeout a dim figure in the gloom. b complete, fill in, Brit fillup, US and Canadian fill out: I made out an application for thejob. c draw (up), write (out or down), record, Colloq US cut:Please make out a list of your complaints. Make out the chequeto me, personally. d understand, fathom, comprehend, figure out,perceive, follow, grasp, see, decipher, read: She mumbles so, Icannot make out what she”s saying. Can you make out this name? esuggest, imply, hint, insinuate, indicate, impute, intimate,make to appear, pretend, make as if or as though, represent;present, show, demonstrate, establish: She tried to make outthat I was a fool. He made out a strong case for dog licensing.f get on, survive, manage, fare, thrive, succeed: How are youmaking out in your new house?
Make over. a do over,remodel, redecorate, alter: We are making over our kitchen. btransfer, hand over, sign over, convey, assign, turn over: Theproperty has been made over to me.
Make up. a complete,fill out, finish (out), flesh out: We need another player tomake up the team. b compose, form, constitute, be comprised of:The gang is made up of ex-convicts. c hatch, invent, concoct,devise, create, construct, dream up, originate, coin, compose,Colloq cook up: He made up that story about the murder. d bereconciled, make peace, settle amicably, come to terms, bury thehatchet: The litigants have kissed and made up. e construct,build: The shack is made up of scrap boards.
Make up for.compensate, redress, make good, atone, make amends: How can Imake up for all the bad things I said about you?
Make way.move aside, clear the way, allow to pass, make room or space:Make way for the Lord High Executioner!
Kind, brand, style, sort, type, mark: Foreign makes ofcar currently dominate the market-place.
On the make.aggressive, assertive, go-ahead, enterprising, vigorous,energetic, Colloq pushy: The book is about a young man on themake in today”s financial world.

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verb accomplish , adjust , arrange , assemble , beget , brew , bring about , cause , compose , conceive , constitute , construct , cook , cook up * , dash off , draw on , dream up , effect , engender , fabricate , fashion , forge , form , frame , generate , get ready , give rise to , hatch , initiate , invent , knock off * , lead to , manufacture , mold , occasion , originate , parent , prepare , procreate , produce , put together , secure , shape , spawn , synthesize , tear off , throw together , whip , whip out , coerce , concuss , constrain , dragoon , drive , force , horn in , impel , impress , interfere , meddle , oblige , press , pressurize , prevail upon , require , shotgun , start , tamper , advance , assign , create , delegate , elect , finger , install , invest , name , nominate , ordain , proffer , select , tap , tender , act , carry on , carry out , carry through , conduct , declare , decree , do , draft , draw up , engage in , establish , fix , formulate , legislate , pass , perform , practice , prosecute , wage , amount to , come to , compound , comprise , embody , equal , make up , mix , organize , represent , structure , texture , calculate , collect , conclude , deduce , deduct , derive , dope out , draw , figure , gather , gauge , judge , reckon , suppose , think , bring home bacon , bring in , clean up * , clear , gain , get , harvest , hustle , net , obtain , pull , pull down * , rate , realize , reap , receive , sock * , take in , arrive at , arrive in time , attain , bear , break for , catch , get to , go , head , light out , meet , move , proceed , progress , reach , set out , strike out , take off , breed , father , sire , bring , bring on , effectuate , induce , ingenerate , result in , set off , stir , touch off , trigger , build , have , designate , compel , obligate , pressure , fit , prime , ready , enact , promulgate , win

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verb crush , destroy , raze , ruin , discourage , dissuade , halt , prevent , stop , demote , renounce , deny , disallow , refuse , refute , veto , calculate , measure , lose , fail
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