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appointment /ə”pɔintmənt/ danh từ được bổ nhiệm, chức vụ được bổ nhiệmappointment of someone to a post: sự bổ nhiệm ai vào một chức vụ sự hẹn gặp; giấy mời, giấy triệu tậpto make (fix) an appointment with someone: hẹn gặp aito break an appointment: thất hẹn, sai hẹnto keep an appointment: đúng hẹn chiếu chỉ; sắc lệnhby the king”s appointment: do chiếu chỉ của vua (số nhiều) đồ đạc, đồ trang bị, đồ thiết bị (số nhiều) (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) tiền lương, lương bổng
cuộc hẹnsự bố tríLĩnh vực: điện tử & viễn thôngsự bổ nhiệmtemporary appointment: sự bổ nhiệm tạm thờiletter of appointmentthư chỉ địnhperipheral appointmentsụ bổ nhiệm trực tiếpchức vụ được bổ nhiệmcuộc hẹngiấy mờigiấy triệu tậpsự bổ nhiệmappointment to a post: sự bổ nhiệm vào một chức vụpermanent appointment: sự bổ nhiệm lâu dàishort-term appointment: sự bổ nhiệm ngắn hạntemporary appointment: sự bổ nhiệm tạm thờisự hẹn gặpappointment of agencysự chỉ định đại lýcertificate of appointmentgiấy chứng ủy nhiệmconventional appointment of heirsự chỉ định người kế thừa theo tập quánletter of appointmentgiấy bổ nhiệmletter of appointmentthư đồng ý tuyển dụngperiod of appointmentkhoảng thời gian bổ nhiệm, bổ dụngpermanent appointmentsự cho vào chính ngạchpower of appointmentquyền ủy nhiệmpower of appointmentquyền xử tríprogramme appointmentbổ nhiệm theo kế hoạchprovisional appointmentbổ nhiệm tạmspecial appointment contracthợp đồng nhận thầu chỉ địnhspecial appointment workcông trình nhận thầu chỉ địnhtermination of appointmentsự kết thúc nhiệm kỳtype of appointmentloai hình bổ nhiệmtype of appointmentloại hình bổ nhiệmviewing by appointment onlychỉ đến xem khi có hẹn trước

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Từ điển Collocation

appointment noun

1 agreement to meet sb

ADJ. important, pressing, urgent | first, initial | follow-up | business | dental, hair | hospital, outpatient The hospital needs to allow more time for outpatient appointments.

VERB + APPOINTMENT have | arrange, book, fix, make I”d like to make an appointment to see the doctor, please. | get I didn”t know if I would get an appointment at such short notice. | give sb Tom has been given an appointment at the local hospital. | keep He failed to keep his appointment. | break, miss She has already broken three appointments. | cancel

PREP. by ~ Viewing is only allowed by appointment. | with/without an ~ He called without an appointment. | ~ with an appointment with a doctor

2 job/position

ADJ. permanent, temporary | senior | academic, cabinet, court, diplomatic, ecclesiastical, executive, government, judicial, military, ministerial, political, public, university

VERB + APPOINTMENT hold Employees may not hold any other appointments. | give sb, offer sb He was offered an appointment in the Education Department. | accept | obtain | take up He takes up his appointment in January. | resign Miss Green resigned her appointment as our regional representative. | secure By reorganizing the Church hierarchy, the king was able to secure the appointment of men whom he personally favoured.

3 choosing sb for job

ADJ. key The company has announced five key appointments at its Teesside plant. | formal, official | staff

VERB + APPOINTMENT make | announce | confirm The board has confirmed the appointment of Howard Kendall as Sales Manager.

PREP. to the first appointments to the new government

Từ điển WordNet


the job to which you are (or hope to be) appointed

he applied for an appointment in the treasury

(law) the act of disposing of property by virtue of the power of appointment

she allocated part of the trust to her church by appointment

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

appointmentssyn.: appointee assignment date designation engagement fitting naming

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