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the most important subject that a college or university student is studying, or the student himself or herself:
based on a scale (= series of musical notes) in which there is a whole step (= sound difference) between each note except between the third and fourth notes and the seventh and eighth notes:
the most important subject that a college or university student is studying, or the student studying that subject:
a major change, difference, etc. affects a lot of people or organizations, sometimes in a way that causes difficulties for them:
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There are three major groups under discussion here: actualization conditionals, inferential conditionals, and purely case-specifying conditionals (each type is then subdivided into numerous subtypes).
These regulations and requirements have a major impact on the research and development of new drugs.
Indeed, the wish to avoid such veto power may both contribute to surplus coalitions and to grand coalitions between major parties.
They also held meetings with non-governmental organisations and the leaders of the major political parties.
About 60 other parties also joined the electoral contest, both within and outside the major contending alliances.
It is well recognized that past mental health problems are strongly related to the development of major depression.
In seven percent of the cases, the sinus nodal artery took origin from a separate orifice within the same sinus as a major coronary artery.
In this article we present a survey of the major organizational paradigms used in multi-agent systems.
One major cross-linguistic generalisation that is supported by these data concerns syllable weight : many stress systems distinguish between light and heavy syllables.
Major depression in communitydwelling middle-aged and older adults : prevalence and 2and 4-year follow-up symptoms.





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