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These are the items most suitable for Lucian Arena of the Season 2, including offensive items and respawn items.

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Lucian is a Spirit-type general and the element of Light in the Arena of Truth season 2. He has a fast attack speed when using his skills. Along with Senna, the duo will always appear together because of the unique ability of the Soul system in the Arena of Truth.

In addition to the right squad for Lucian to accompany and whether you have enough dignity to raise him up to 3 stars, how to dress for Lucian Arena of Truth is an important factor that can help him shine in the squad. . How to combine Lucian DTCL season 2 you can refer to below.

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The most suitable equipment for Lucian Arena of Truth season 2

Giant Removal


Back in Season 1, this is a must have item on most champions with good attack speed. In Season 2, it was used quite “economically”, which means that the Giant Kill perfectly fits Lucian.

This item will suck the tanker”s blood well. Lucian”s ability will make it attack 4 times faster and is extremely useful when confronting the Guardians or the Rage team. Also, the best elemental box if you want Lucian to use this item is the Earth element.

Red Charm


Lucian”s Red charm in Season 2 may not be as strong as in Season 1, but this is still extremely useful equipment for Lucian right now. Meta game currently has many Guardians, Violent Battle also has a place to perform. Therefore, the healing blocked pages will now be used more.

With Lucian”s range and ability to apply effects on the attack. Red buff is clearly an extremely useful item for Lucian in this version. If he kills any champion, he will continue to charge other champions and use his skills to prevent multiple targets from healing at the same time.

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Silent Knife / Ashtray


These two items are interchangeable depending on which team you are competing with. While you can throw both at Lucian at the same time, you don”t need to do so. For Lucian, both of these items work well because of his ability to increase attack speed.

Because each hero only has the opportunity to prevent the enemy champion from attacking or using their skills and is ineffective when that champion is using regular attacks multiple times. This means that Lucian can guarantee to block at least one enemy champion until it is destroyed.


Later on, Lucian will continue to do so. Generally, the use of a Silent Knife or a Black Blade will depend on whether you are facing a team that uses more skills or uses more basic attacks. Silent Knife will be for teams that use more skills (Summon, Mage .) and Tan Kiem will belong to the team that uses more basic attacks (Swordsman, Assassin, Rage .) .

Angel Armor


This equipment is mainly used for the Spirit buff, especially on Senna, it is more suitable than Lucian. But if the wife already has it, you can wear it for her husband, the angel armor will keep them both alive for as long as possible and this will greatly affect a round. damage and cause a lot of annoyance to the enemy team with Angel Armor.

Statikk Electric Knife


There are two important things that players want Lucian to promote. The first is to use the skill quickly and the second is the attack speed as fast as possible. The Statikk Electric Knife is an item that can help Lucian promote both.

Having multiple Electric Knives in his body would greatly benefit Lucian. In addition, the additional mana at the beginning of the game and the attack speed of this equipment will help Lucian use the skill more. Although this is not one of the most useful equipment for Lucian, if you do not find anything better then you can stack Lucian”s power knives, you will see the effect.

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Above are the most suitable equipment for Lucian DTCL season 2, we can see that the equipment suitable for the guy is most of the type of equipment that supports attack and few equipment that supports armor or blood.

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