(Updated) Lords Mobile Hack S, Mods, Bots And Other Cheats For Android / Ios

Everyone wants to know the best Lords Mobile Hacks and Cheats. I’ve interviewed some of the top players in Lords Mobile (and done some of my own research) and here are the best ways to cheat Lords Mobile and become the strongest possible player. Obviously, all of the advice in this article doesn’t break Lords Mobile’s Terms of Service. I’ll talk more about that below.

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As you will probably surmise, this article is still a work in progress. I’m publishing it early so that I can get the contribution from my fans!

Trap Castle

One of the most common topics in Lords Mobile is trap castles. It’s almost as if the Trap Castle is the only trick in Lords Mobile. SpoilerAlert: It’s not! In fact, trap accounts are possibly the lamest trick in Lords Mobile. Yes, you heard it here first.

Trap accounts take months (or a lot of money of money) to set up and the maintenance is extremely high.

Also, once you get over 20,000,000 kills they become almost pointless. Any idiotcan look at a castle that has 50m might and 20m kills and come to the obvious conclusion that this castle is not attack-friendly…

I prefer to just play the game and have fun, and cheat and hack in other (more fun) ways.

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Switch and Bait


This hack is surprisingly common. There are players who have opened 1-10 mini accounts. These mini-accounts (aka alts) generate a continuoussupply of recourses. They do take a little bit of maintenanceat first, but after a while, all you need to do is log-in, reset the shield and send off resources as needed.

The big players (who don’t have $100,000’s to spend) have loads of alt accounts. They build armies with millions of troops and keep replenishing them with almost an unlimited supply of resources.

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Using the Labyrinth to Get Gold

This hack is something that no one talks about, and I’m not sure why. The Labyrinth is dreadfulwhen it comes to winning the jackpot, but it produces so much gold. The average 1,000 Holy Stars can generate between 200,000 – 4,000,000 gold. That is a far better return on investment than anything else throughout the game!

To buy 6M gold costs 28,000 gems.

In the Labyrinth, 1,000 stars costonly 2,200 gems and you can easily get 2M gold. In other words, if you spent 28,000 gems you can get 20M+ gold. Most likely you will end up with 40M gold!

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