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at/on the leading edge of sth Manufacturers who are at the leading edge of technology will be among the leaders.
State and federal agencies have strung miles of floating booms — inflatable or foam barriers — around the leading edge of the shoreline to contain the spill.
Scattered — and at times intense — showers were reported this morning, the leading edge of the big storm.
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A student-built unmanned sailboat competition isn”t just at the leading edge of autonomous vehicle development.
With the knowledge that we had and the place we were environmentally, we really thought this was leading edge.
Today”s leadingedge technology is headed straight for tomorrow”s junk pile, but that doesn”t make it any less awesome.
Along the balanced growth path, percapita output growth only depends on the growth rate of the leadingedge product quality.

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Leadingedge companies care about addressing social issues and encourage their workforce to take action.
After double passing the grating arrangement the low-frequency leadingedge light is delayed and the high-frequency trailing edge is catching up to emerge simultaneously from the compressor.
The product from such a model is a software system that provides solutions and services for building designers by using leadingedge multidisciplinary technologies from computer science.





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