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a measure of the speed of ships, aircraft, or movements of water and air. One knot is one nautical mile per hour:
a measure of speed for ships, aircraft, or movements of water and air equal to approximately 6076 feet (1.85 kilometers) an hour
a measure of the speed of ships, aircraft, or movements of water and air. One knot is approximately 1.85 kilometres per hour:
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Instead of using the weight and muscular forces of men, it now requires the shape of his finger, for instance to knot broken threads.
For example, for two segments (three knots), four boundary conditions and four continuity conditions exist.
These knots are deported into the maternal circulation and become trapped in the blood vessels of the lungs where they are eventually lysed.
Rather, wires are seen a bit like ropes that can be knotted or tightened (like chemical bonds) with ropes of other components.

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Another significant example is to use time intervals proportional to the angular displacement between the knots.
The biped joint coordinates are approximated by cubic splines functions connected at uniformly distributed knots along the motion time.
In this paper we provide tools for deciding whether a knotted commutative calculus admits reductive cut elimination and for automating cut-elimination proofs in these calculi.





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