” Keep In The Loop Là Gì – Keep Somebody In The Loop

keep (someone) in the loop

To keep someone informed about and/or involved in something, such as a plan or project, especially that which involves or pertains to a specific group. We”ve hired a new intern to help you with data entry, so be sure to keep her in the loop about the project.See also: keep, loopSee also:

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keep (one's) weather eye open keep (one's) wig on keep (one's) wits about (one) keep (one's) word keep (one's)/a beady eye on (someone or something) keep (one's)/an eye on (someone or something) keep (oneself) busy keep (oneself) to (oneself) keep (some kind of) hours keep (someone or oneself) in ignorance keep (someone or something) about keep (someone or something) apart keep (someone or something) at a distance keep (someone or something) at arm's length keep (someone or something) at bay keep (someone or something) for (someone or something) keep (someone or something) in check keep (someone or something) in order keep (someone or something) in sight keep (someone or something) on (their or its) feet keep (someone or something) under (one's) control keep (someone or something) up to date keep (someone or something) within bounds keep (someone or something, or oneself) at a distance keep (someone) in the dark (about something) keep (someone) in the loop keep (someone) in the picture keep (someone) on a short leash keep (someone) on ice keep (someone) onside keep (someone) posted, to keep (someone) under (one's) thumb keep (something) by keep (something) close to (one's) chest keep (something) dark keep (something) for a rainy day keep (something) for another time/day/week/etc. keep (something) in proportion keep (something) in reserve keep (something) light keep (something) on the down low keep (something) on the hush keep (something) on the hush-hush keep (something) straight (in one's mind/head) keep (something) to (oneself) keep (something) to a minimum keep (something) under (one's) hat keep (something) under one's hat, to keep (something) under wraps keep (something) up (one's) sleeve keep (two or more people) straight (in one's mind/head)

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keep in loop là gì keep sb in loop nghĩa loop in la gi in loop là gì ground loops là gì keep in là gì keep somebody updated nghĩa là gì keep sb up là gì keep in the loop là gì

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