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investigate allegations/claims/complaints of sth The office is investigating the allegations of embezzlement.

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investigate how/whether/why The commission will investigate whether these companies violated anti-trust laws.
The third approach uses planning effects on task performance to investigate how learners monitor their language.
Various aspects of the interaction of relativistically intense pulses with preformed plasmas and solid targets were investigated in the experiments.
A second common feature of qualitative research is the emphasis upon the description of the setting being investigated.
This is being investigated for traits in rice such as grain width and protein contents where significant genotype by environment interaction has been detected.
In particular, problems of coexistence and exclusion of competing species have been theoretically investigated using models based on partial and ordinary differential equations.
The impact of singing on children”s psychological state and well-being was investigated with a participant population of 76 pre-pubertal children.
The studies that investigated the effects of fruits and vegetables have demonstrated some protective effects.
To investigate these hypotheses, we defined a number of regions that have been identified as part of the social brain network in adults.
Here we investigate an idealised problem where the rigid bottom is replaced by a layer with a damping mechanism.
This also illustrates that segmental reductions should be investigated in context, not as an isolated phenomenon.
We review research investigating the roles played by these variables in studies of choice from our laboratory.
We generalize the notion of reversible systems in symbolic dynamics, and investigate their properties.
Finally, we investigated the genetic relationship between affective and somatic depressive symptoms.
The aim of this study was to investigate outcome in frequent attenders in secondary care who present repeatedly with medically unexplained symptoms.
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