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integration across sth We need to reduce the differences between local units, with the aim of greater integration across markets.

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integration between sth and sth How can we achieve a higher level of integration between our company and our supply-chain partners?
integration (of sth) with sth One of the company”s weaknesses is poor integration of business processes with information systems.
integration (of sb) into sth The purpose of the induction program is to encourage the integration of new staff into the team.

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integration with sth The manager assesses other aspects of a new employee”s development, such as social integration with colleagues.
That is, there is a commonality of effect consistent with this region”s role in the integration of sound and meaning.
Each of these (identity matching and supramodal representations) is based on the assumption that integration of vision and hearing occurs within the observer.
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Again, it is difficult to conceive of an explanation of this replay of activity patterns that does not involve memory consolidation, transfer, or integration.
Extensive integration field beyond the classical receptive field of cat”s striate cor tical neurons- classification and tuning proper ties.
Some of the principal roles of taxonomies are to facilitate human understanding, impart structure on an ontology and promote tenable integration.
He is a cognitive neuroscientist studying the roles of sleep and dreaming in off-line memory reprocessing, including off-line memory consolidation, transfer, integration, and erasure.
There is clearly a lot of old wine in new bottles here, and a lot of uncovered ground for theoretical integration and clarification.





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