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Semantic interconnections reflect the fine granularity of the inventory, as they are expressions of the lexical knowledge base from which they are extracted.

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The recursive interconnections linking brain regions are hypothesized to explain part of the co-morbidity within anxiety disorders.
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Toward the end of the nineteenth century, pragmatism challenged this division, pointing to numerous interconnections between facts, values, and linguistic and cultural contexts.
These findings emphasize the close interconnections between evolution of bacteriophages and evolution of their hosts.
Ordinarily such an approach is a good thing, because interconnections that might otherwise be missed are brought to the fore.
The earlier form (” common weal ” or ” common wealth “) referred to organic, societal relationships among the estates and their productive interconnection for the good of all.
He began by supposing that each different pattern of interconnection could be made to produce a different system response.
In fact, the coordination of various actors” capacities is interrelated often with the nature of their interconnection.
Similar verbs would tend to cluster together in “mental space “, by forming dense clusters of interconnections among them.
Completely distinct senses of the same word convey indeed very different semantics and it is less likely to find semantic interconnections supporting the wrong sense.
The interconnection of the distributed intelligent subsystems is a key factor in the overall performance of the system.
A limited amount of research has been conducted on the potential interconnections between speaking and singing behaviours.

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The mesh generates a more dense interconnection between the helicopters, which is safer and more robust.


the right of different groups of people to have a similar social position and receive the same treatment

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An article of clothing and a ray of sunshine: making uncountable nouns countable (2)



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