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An inefficient tax system could thus have survived if political rigidities prevented a ruler from changing it.

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Ultimately, the destructor proved inefficient and, as its name implies, it left a strong legacy of disposal.
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When punishment was available, they observed relatively more cooperation in an otherwise inefficient voting environment.
But solving the dynamical system is a difficult and inefficient method, because it usually requires numerical integrations.
Designated in the language of business “modernism” as backward, localist, and inefficient, batch firms in time came to resemble that definition.
Recursion is perceived to be more difficult to understand than loops, and also believed to be inefficient.
Almost inevitably, monitoring will be inefficient and may become unstructured exercises in data gathering unless the purpose and objectives are clearly established at the outset.
Uninformed and inefficient trade of environmental quality for capital inflows may be due to an incorrect valuation of environmental damages.
Presumably, pruning eliminates unused and inefficient connections to improve the overall efficiency and specificity of neurotransmission.
Rather, it was to try to put back on track an administrative machinery considered on the whole as inefficient.
For example, without further optimization such an implementation is prohibitively inefficient in terms of storage consumption when large arrays are used.
In those days syntax-directed compilers were studied at the research level, but were considered inefficient for implementation in the available machines.

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It is concluded that appropriate policy reforms complemented by technical change will increase diversification of the cropping system and reduce inefficient fertilizer use.
Ten years after the peace accords, the judicial system remained weak, inefficient, antiquated, overly partisan, and subject to corruption.



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An article of clothing and a ray of sunshine: making uncountable nouns countable (2)



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