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in sight

1. Literally, in one”s field of vision. A noun or pronoun can be used between “in” and “sight.” Yeah, the box is in sight, but I can”t reach it from here.2. Close to happening or being achieved. A noun or pronoun can be used between “in” and “sight.” After all your years of hard work, an Olympic gold medal is finally in your sight!See also: sight

in sight


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Lit. within the range of vision; visible. The goal is in sight. The end of the road is in sight. 2. Fig. known; expected. The end of the project is finally in sight.See also: sight

in sight

1. Within one”s range of vision, as in The sailboat was still in sight on the horizon.

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2. Also, in one”s sight or sights . Before one”s eyes; also, within one”s awareness. For example, In the world”s sight he was at fault, or Harold had that promotion firmly in his sights. See also: sightSee also:

heave in sight|heave|sight

v. phr. To seem to rise above the horizon at sea and come into sight; come into view; become visible. Usually used of ships. A ship hove in sight many miles away on the horizon.

in sight

visible;able to be seen;within sight看得见;出现There was not a ship in sight.看不到一只船。A ship came in sight from the horizon.天际出现了一条船。Peace is now in sight.现在和平有望。With success in sight they all felt jubilant.成功在望,他们都欢天喜地。

in sight of

where one can see or be seen by在看得见的地方We were in sight of land.我们已看见陆地了。You”ll soon be in sight of Tian An Men.你就要看见天安门了。
in round numbers in ruins in sackcloth and ashes in safe hands in safe/good hands in salad days in scoring position in search of in search of (someone or something) in season in second childhood in secret in seed in series in service in session in seventh heaven in shambles in shape in shirtsleeves in short in short order in short pants in short supply in shreds in sight in simple English in single file in situ in small doses in small part in smooth water in smooth water(s) in snatches in so far as in so many words in so/as many words in soaped-pig fashion in some measure in some neck of the woods in some respects in some sense in some transaction for in some, equal, etc. measure in somebody's book in somebody's day/time in somebody's keeping in somebody's pocket in somebody's presence in somebody's train in somebody's trust in sb”s power in sb”s shoes in sb”s view in sb”s way in search of in season in short in sight in sight of in silence in so far as in so many words in spirit in spirits in spite of oneself
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