in nature là gì

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nature /”neitʃə/
danh từ tự nhiên, thiên nhiên, tạo hoáthe struggle with nature: cuộc đấu tranh với thiên nhiênaccording to the laws of nature: theo quy luật tự nhiênin the course of nature: theo lẽ thườngto draw from nature: (nghệ thuật) vẽ theo tự nhiên trạng thái tự nhiên; trạng thái nguyên thuỷ tính, bản chất, bản tínhgood nature: bản chất tốt, tính thiện loại, thứthings of this nature do not interest me: những cái thuộc loại này không làm cho tôi thích thúin (of) the nature of: giống như, cùng loại với sức sống; chức năng tự nhiên; nhu cầu tự nhiênto ease (relieve) nature: đi ỉa, đi đái; thoả mãn một nhu cầu tự nhiên nhựa (cây)full of nature: căng nhựaagainst (contrary to) nature phi thường, siêu phàm, kỳ diệudebt of nature (xem) debtto pay one”s debt to nature (xem) debt




 bản chấtacid nature: bản chất axitchaotic nature: bản chất hỗn loạnchaotic nature: bản chất hỗn độn


 cảnh vật


 đặc tính




 loạiLĩnh vực: xây dựng


 bản tínhconservation of nature natural conservation


 bảo tồn thiên nhiênlaw of nature


 quy luật tư nhiênlaw of nature


 quy luật tự nhiênlaws of nature


 quy luật của tự nhiênlaws of the nature


 quy luậtnature nature-identical


 đồng nhất với tự nhiênnature nature-identical


 giống hệt tự nhiênnature reserve


 khu bảo tồn thiên nhiênprotection of nature


 sự bảo vệ thiên nhiênthe law of nature


 quy luật tự nhiên

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): nature, naturalist, naturalization, naturalness the supernatural, naturist, naturism, naturalize, natural, supernatural, unnatural, naturalistic, naturally, unnaturally

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Từ điển Collocation

nature noun

1 the physical world; plants, animals, etc.

ADJ. Mother Mother Nature had served up some terrible weather for their cruise.

VERB + NATURE commune with He believed in spending half an hour each day to relax and commune with nature. | be/get back to We built our house in the country because we wanted to get back (= be close) to nature. | be found in man-made substances not found in nature

NATURE + VERB endow (sb with) sth Nature had endowed her with exceptional vitality. | produce sth It”s unlikely that this gully was produced by nature.

NATURE + NOUN conservation | reserve | trail

PREP. close to ~ people who live in the country and are close to nature | in ~ We appreciate beauty in nature.

PHRASES the forces of nature, the laws of nature, a love of nature His love of nature was expressed through his wildlife paintings.

2 qualities/features of sb/sth

ADJ. basic, essential, fundamental, intrinsic, real, true | artificial | exact, precise, specific I”m not clear about the exact nature of their relationship. | general | selective | limited, restrictive | changing, seasonal, temporary, transitory | uncertain, unpredictable | arbitrary, random | subjective the subjective nature of an odour | abstract | capricious, fickle | intractable | distinctive, unusual | radical | complex | special, specialist | traditional | controversial | contradictory | problematic | unsatisfactory the unsatisfactory nature of the meeting | good People are always taking advantage of her good nature (= her kindness). | human It”s only human nature to want more money. | divine | confidential, personal, private | public | international, local the international nature of the business | repetitive | routine matters of a routine nature | detailed Because of the detailed nature of the work, I have to use a very fine brush. | practical | physical, psychological, sexual They define sexual harassment as unwanted conduct of a sexual nature. | economic, legal, political, social Their problems are of an economic nature. | contemplative | inquisitive

VERB + NATURE have He has an inquisitive nature. | reveal The parties would not reveal the exact nature of the dispute. | conceal | reflect | belie The gentle lower slopes belie the true nature of the mountain. | be contrary to, be/run against It was against his nature to tell lies. | alter, change This new information does not change the nature of our findings. | acknowledge, be aware of, recognize Are you aware of the nature of the risks involved? | define, specify It is important to define the nature of the problem. | assess, consider, discuss, examine, explore, investigate | comprehend, realize, understand | misconceive | clarify, elucidate, explain, give/offer/provide an insight into His theory provides a remarkable insight into the nature of the British constitution. | describe | determine | depend on The method employed will depend on the nature of the task. | appeal to There was no point appealing to her better nature (= kindness).

PREP. by ~ He”s not by nature an inquisitive person. | concerning the ~ a debate concerning the nature of violence | considering/given the ~ Given the nature of this matter, I am inclined to think it should be managed by you personally. | in ~ Their strategy was essentially political in nature. | in sb/sth”s ~ It”s not in his nature to complain. A certain element of risk is in the nature of the job. | of a … ~ The legal concept of insanity is of a different nature from the medical.

PHRASES by its very nature By its very nature a secret service is not open to public inspection. | the extent and nature of sth We need to understand the true extent and nature of the problem. | a part of sb”s nature the expressive part of his nature Her view is that aggression is part of human nature. | a side of/to sb”s nature He had a vicious side to his nature.

Từ điển WordNet

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the essential qualities or characteristics by which something is recognized

it is the nature of fire to burn

the true nature of jealousy

a causal agent creating and controlling things in the universe

the laws of nature

nature has seen to it that men are stronger than women

the natural physical world including plants and animals and landscapes etc.

they tried to preserve nature as they found it

the complex of emotional and intellectual attributes that determine a person”s characteristic actions and reactions

it is his nature to help others

a particular type of thing

problems of this type are very difficult to solve

he”s interested in trains and things of that nature

matters of a personal nature

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