” Heterogeneous Là Gì ? Nghĩa Của Từ Heterogeneity Trong Tiếng Việt

Archaeological studies of the tombs have shown the heterogeneity of religious practices in the region.

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We adopted a meta-population framework to model local aggregation of populations, and used this to investigate the effects of vaccination heterogeneity.
The effects of permeability heterogeneities on rectilinear displacements with viscosity contrast and density variations are investigated computationally by means of direct numerical simulations.
Overly broad conclusions will be retracted as genetic heterogeneity and environmentally caused variants arise.
A method for assessing extent and sources of heterogeneity of residual variances in mixed linear models.
A further element of random heterogeneity is implemented by adding noise to the rule decision process for each agent.
The judicial and psychiatric heterogeneity might also have concealed possible deviations in working memory andor planning present in certain subgroups.
Tests for heterogeneity indicated that flies within geographically defined regions were homogeneous.
In this context heterogeneity may be induced by a combination of host behaviour, host genetics and past or current experience of infection.
Even so, there remained some heterogeneity amongst trustees in how they utilized the information given.

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Also, heterogeneity within the riparian zone was as great as differences between the riparian zone and surrounding areas.
Moreover, it is desirable that agent-oriented development environments can support scalability and heterogeneity aspects of multi-agent systems.





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