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Welcome to the 1980s. From the decade of big hair, excess and pastel suits comes a story of one man”s rise to the top of the criminal pile. Vice City is a huge urban sprawl ranging from the beach to the swamps and the glitz to the ghetto, and is the most varied, complete and alive digital city ever created. Combining non-linear gameplay with a character driven narrative, you arrive in a town brimming with delights and degradation and are given the opportunity to take it over as you choose.

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StatusReleasedEarly AccessComing SoonUnreleased GenreAction – First Person Shooter – Third Person Shooter – Tactical Shooter – Fighting – Arcade – StealthAdventure – Adventure – Platformer – Point and Click – Visual NovelDriving – Racing – Car CombatRPG – Role Playing – Roguelike – Hack “n” Slash – Party BasedStrategy – Real Time Strategy – Real Time Shooter – Real Time Tactics – Turn Based Strategy – Turn Based Tactics – Tower Defense – Grand Strategy – 4X – MOBASport – Baseball – Basketball – Football – Golf – Hockey – Soccer – Wrestling – SportSimulation – Combat Sim – Futuristic Sim – Realistic SimPuzzle – Cinematic – Educational – Family – Party – Rhythm – Virtual Life – Puzzle ThemeAbstractAnimeAntiquityComedyComicEducationFantasyFighterHistoryHorrorMafiaMedievalMovieMusicNatureNoirePirateRealismSci-FiSurvivalSportWarWestern PlayersSingle PlayerMultiplayerCo-opMMO Date addedPast 24hoursPast weekPast monthPast yearYear or older

Vice City: BETA EditionMar 22 2021Early Access Mar 23, 2021 Third Person Shooter

Vice City: BETA Edition is a modification for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City with the goal of returning most, or if not all cut features in development (at…

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City IIMar 14 2021TBD Third Person Shooter

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 2 is a global modification based on the GTA IV (Rage) engine, which is a high-quality remake of the original game. The atmosphere…

GTA Vice City ModernMar 11 2021Released Feb 28, 2021 Adventure

This is modified version of vice city considering modern Miami theme. It includes a lot of modifications, just to make it look like Modern Vice City…

Kawaii Windows 98 Skin! for TommyMar 11 2021Released Mar 11, 2021 Third Person Shooter

This is a kawaii skin of a windows 98 anime gurl how to use it is in the Discriptions to use SKINS IT MUST BE A BMP FILE!!!! hope you find it funny i…

GTA Vice City VHS EditionMar 10 2021Released Aug 10, 2020 Third Person Shooter

GTA Vice City VHS Edition is a large collection of mods that improve the game and give a VHS atmosphere. – Reshade VHS Shader – 100 new vehicles in a…

GTA Vice City HD EditionMar 10 2021Released Apr 15, 2020 Third Person Shooter

This edition includes global changes, that include a variety of mods, high quality models, textures and much more.

GTA Vice City NFS Underground 2018Jan 29 2021Released 2018 Adventure

GTA UndergrounD 2 at a glance: As with any good game, this game has a plot and story scenes. There are four types of races in this game: cars, motorcycles…

VRTP – Vice City Retexture ProjectJan 18 2021Released 2017 Third Person Shooter

A project that intends to re-texturize entirely the game with high-resolution textures.

Freeplay for Vice CityJan 10 2021Released 2013 Third Person Shooter

Freeplay is an exe/trainer-based tool for for providing the user with more flexibility, options and customisation while watching back replay files. The…

Winter Mod 3.0 (Updated 2020 version)Dec 31 2020Released 2014 Adventure

Winter Mod 3.0 — is a global winter modification which transfigures summer Vice City into a real winter town, like in Christmas stories.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Definitive EditionDec 28 2020Released Oct 27, 2020 Third Person Shooter

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Definitive Edition – This is remaster, which the added: removed, beta, new and improved features.Good luck, walkthrough 🙂

Higher Quality LCS radio stations for RE:LCSNov 15 2020Released Nov 16, 2020 Third Person Shooter

A compilation of higher quality radio stations straight from the mobile release of GTA LCS, combined with the removed tracks from the PS2 version and…

GTA: Liberty CityNov 13 2020Released 2005 Third Person Shooter

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City (GTA:LC) is a total conversion modification for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Ever since GTA: Vice City was released, ongoing…

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Vice City “89 REDUXOct 31 2020Early Access Oct 30, 2020 Third Person Shooter

This mod aims to subtly, yet significantly upgrade the GTA Vice City Experience: – REWORKED FROM THE GROUND UP, UPSCALED AND MODERNIZED. A MUST HAVE NOSTALGIA…

GTA VC Lost Heaven Racing CircuitOct 22 2020Released Oct 20, 2020 Third Person Shooter

adds “Lost Heaven Racing Circuit” instead of Vice City map.Map convert and scripts maded by me for three days just for fun.

Ultimate Stunter”s SCMOct 3 2020Released Oct 4, 2020 Third Person Shooter

The Ultimate Stunter”s SCM (or USCM) is a “main.scm” mod with the goal of making stunting in Vice City more user-friendly, by providing features that…

Vice Cry RebornSep 29 2020Released Jul 23, 2020 Third Person Shooter

Vice Cry Reborn is a unofficial modification of Vice Cry 1.8, which replaces textures in Vice Cry with HD. Textures have been blended with VRTP and enhanced…

Grand theft Auto-Vice City Realistic editionJul 21 2020TBD Adventure

Here to spice up the ever classic Grand theft Auto – Vice City is the new 2020 mod … The mod adds new graphics, new cars, new bikes, new map locations…

Bill & Ted ModJun 29 2020TBD Adventure

This is the Bill & Ted Mod,created by Doc-Holiday/BillandTed Team TRANC3RS Mod Leader & Head Designer-Retired Mkthetimelord-co-leader & picture editor/designer-Retired…

GTA Japanese Anime Overdose – Vice City ModJun 24 2020TBD Third Person Shooter

As the name already say this is a modification for Vice City which mostly just add or exchange things in the Vice City world into Anime, Otaku, Japanese…

Crazy cheater”s modMay 31 2020Released Jan 1, 2020 Adventure

If you want to wander around the original Vice city (the appearance is almost unchanged) and go through the original missions (the script is adjusted…

FTP GrindhouseApr 27 2020TBD Third Person Shooter

Simple texture mod that incorporates the streetwear brand Fuck The Population into Vice City

AI Enhanced Textures for Vice CityApr 19 2020Released Mar 2019 Third Person Shooter

This mod replaces all textures in Vice City with 4x AI Enhanced versions of the originals.

GTA VC – Background Edition Apr 15 2020Released Apr 15, 2020 Third Person Shooter

Background package include:- Intro- Loading Screen- Outro- Cursor

Batmobile Tumbler Apr 9 2020Released Apr 9, 2020 Third Person Shooter

– The complete Batmobile Car package 2k20.- New Reflection- The Classical Batmobile Mass Speed- NOS Mod.- Speedometer

Vice City 2 Players ModJan 29 2020Early Access Apr 2019 Third Person Shooter

VICE CITY 2 PLAYERS MOD (SPLIT SCREEN) RELEASE < To start Vice City Split Screen Mode Use Key F12 (NOT IN CUTSCENE!) > In this release version: 1) fixed…

GTA: Miami BeachDec 19 2019Released Dec 2019 Third Person Shooter

GTA: Miami Beach is a modification that makes the atmosphere of Vice City deeper and more saturated.

GTA VC: True Vehicle PackDec 16 2019Released Dec 2019 Third Person Shooter

GTA VC: TRUE VEHICLE PACK – a collection of vehicles that replaces ingame cars to the externally closest/year of release real car models.

Re-textured Vice City 0.6.5Nov 26 2019Released 2016 Adventure

Description: Global fashion to replace all textures of the game with new higher quality and the most similar to the original. Replaced the texture of…

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