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GTA: Vice City Fan Remaster Releases New Screenshots A new mod that unofficially remasters Grand Theft Auto: Vice City releases some new screenshots, teasing a demo is on the way.

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Although the later games in the Grand Theft Auto series have been financial and critical goldmines for Rockstar, most of the game”s biggest fans have a soft spot for the earlier releases in the series. Grand Theft Auto 3 and San Andreas have been hugely touted by the community for years, while Vice City“s unique style and setting has always set it apart as a game Rockstar should revisit in some capacity.

In terms of the latter, it seems RevTeam has decided to take matters into its owns hands, creating a mod that unofficially remasters Vice City in Grand Theft Auto 4″s RAGE engine. Titled Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 2, the mod sees players return to the streets of the classic open-world action game in style, featuring enhanced visuals alongside all the innovations that made GTA 4 such a distinct departure for the series.

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Those looking to see exactly what RevTeam”s newest creation looks like are in luck, with the modders recently debuting some beautiful screenshots of the game”s newest vehicle, the Kanjo. The images show off the car driving around Vice City”s airport, with RevTeam revealing in a new update that the vehicle can be modified at Sunshine Customs. Back in May, the team debuted another handful of screenshots that better showed off the game”s world, including a scenic image of a sailboat afore the backdrop of a vivid sunset, a look at the game”s muscle cars, and a glimpse at a high-speed police chase. If the screenshots are anything to go off, the game looks utterly stunning. They can be fully viewed here.

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The update which showed off the new screenshots also reveals some big news, claiming that the unofficial remaster will be getting a demo very soon. According to modder Exil17, the project is currently in the process of polishing “the appearance of the game and scripts,” meaning fans will get access to an early look sooner rather than later. Although no specific date for the demo has been shared, Exil17 seems pretty confident that it”s well on its way to completion.

RevTeam”s work on the Vice City remaster won”t go without some competition, with a lot of modders trying their hand at bringing the game back to life in recent months. Last February, a modder by the name of msborges created an HD texture pack for Vice City that brought enhanced visuals to the game, while another modder called lunchxbles created the game”s map in Grand Theft Auto 5. That being said, RevTeam does intend for the mod to be a full remaster of the game, with the ambitious goal bound to produce something wholly original from other Vice City mods.

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is available now for PC, PS2, Xbox, and mobile devices.

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